How Do You Clean A Wild Turkey?

Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by jdw123, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. jdw123

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    Do any of you have pics of how to clean a turkey?
  2. 223reload

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    Justin,Welcome to the BOC. Maybe some body can come to the rescue with pics,I myself have two different ways ,I use . First is to dry pluck before any cutting. just grab a few feathers at a time and continue till the turkey is nekked. then hang by the head or feet,[I preferr the head]. Get last weeks newspaper and twist a couple sheets up and light it on the end and thouroughly singe the hairs off all ofer. then dust off well ,gut it and remove head ,feet and wings at the last joint. rinse in cold water and chill.

    #2 is to make a cut and peel the breast skin away,use a fillet knife to remove the meat from the breast,then continue skinning down to the thighs and sever at the hip joint,and knee joint. This will get the most out of a bord and take way less freezer space up.

  3. Wabash River Bear

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    I normaly dont dress out the whole bird, I dont care for dark meat. I breast mine out. After removing the beard, fan,and feet, I'll pluck a line from the neck down the breast, then slice open the skin and remove each breast side in one piece.
    I'm sure someone will be along that dress's out the whole bird, and give you some tips. Good luck.
  4. CountryHart

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    if theres any way other than these men described, i haven't heard of it.
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    welcome to the boc great to have you aboard
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    I've tried this. It dont even seem to have a purpose. for one, they're hard as hell to catch, and another after you catch it, and clean it. it's just gonna get dirty as soon as you release it anyway..
  7. on_the_fly

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    I do whole bird with skin off. I also start with removle of beard, fan, and feet. then pluck a strip of feathers from butt to neck so I can make a cut only skin deep.then as I would with my pelts from trapping I begin to pull skin from the meat working all around (skin removes very easy). once I have the pelt (skin/fur/feathers) loose every were but the neck I then cut off neck at the breast plate. then making a cut to open up the insides a little more to inable my big hand in to pull out the little guts inside. then flush and clean well with water getting rid of feather fuz and what little blood. then me I realy like to freeze for 30 days ( all my wild game) It will kill any parisites that may be that you or me cant see. witch is fine because that gives a few weeks to get the family together for that big turkey fry!!!! THATS RIGHT THERES NOTHIN LIKE A DEEP FRIED BIRD!!!
    The next bird I get I can put up some step by step if you want

    To each is their own thats just my way.