How do you clean a squirrel

Discussion in 'Small Game Hunting' started by catfish1516, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. catfish1516

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    Reidsville ,North Carolina
    I need to know how to clean a squirrel, never cleaned anything but fish, so don't know what i am lookin at info or pics would be nice

  2. catfisher43

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    Been awhile since ive cleaned a squirrel,i believe you cut them around the back feet and around tail and pull the hide off.then gut them put in pan of salt water.any other sugestions.

  3. savage308

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    Victoria, Texas
    Cut the head and feet off.cut a slit up the back of the squirrel from the tail to where the head used to be. Grab hold of the body and pull the skin off. It's real easy....
  4. sal_jr

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    Ithaca, MI
    Hmm.... Have you tried shampoo and a blowdry? Pay special attention to the tail- They are real self conscious about their tails... if it isnt bushy enough other squirrels will pick on them at the playground and they'll have low self esteem.

    Dont forget to brush their teeth too and make em use listerine- them deep cheeks tend to hold a lot of plaque when they arent storing seeds or nuts. Bonus- if ya aint never seen a squirrel gargle mouthwash, its pretty funny.

    After that, a lil pomade to perk up the hair and a manicure is a pretty good idea too- make sure you tell the vietnamese manicurist not to take too much off the nails: they need em to climb stuff. Now I am not a betting man, but I'd venture to guess they dont care much for nail polish either.

    Once you've completed the hot shave and back rub, your squirrel ought to be ready for a night out on the town. And lucky for you, fur coats are in fashion again.

    I dont have any pictures to demonstrate this, but I do have a bunch of bite marks, cuts, and scrapes from when I tried last night... so you may want to invest in welding gloves before trying this on your own squirrel.

    There is nothing like a good clean squirrel, in my opinion. And did you know that according to bears, squirrels have no problem with s*** stickin to their fur?

    By the way- what the heck do you need to do this for?

  5. eggman

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    Plop the critter down a nice flat stump and then back away about 4 steps. Now just give it one good blast with a 12 guage, this usually takes care of it pretty well....:cool2:

  6. bootshowl

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    Andy, Shelby gave ya the straight scoop and the easy method. Don't let the Italian hit man or the egg man throw ya....rinse em off real good with cold water, then soak em in salt water in the fridge. Check out the recipes in other posts. Enjoy, and don't be concerned with your appearance, you don't have to "Look Fabulous" to off tree rats and lots of folks eat the critters.
  7. buzzgator

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    cut a slit in the back slide your fingers in and pull 1 hand towards tail other hand towards head skins em out real nice not good if ya saving the hides. Around here there is a place called Mepps lures (Antigo Wisconsin) pretty famous lure company they buy the tails for like a quarter each one hunt and I make enough to buy several boxes of 22 shells been a long time tho now ya got me thinkin about them tree rats man they good with gravy and rice... Gary L
  8. Sparky Larson

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    Marlette Michigan
    Squirrels are the hardest game to clean of all wild game. The biggest problem is not getting hair on the meat. This is what I do.
    First I put on a pair of rubber gloves ( medical type). The reason is two fold. It will keep your hands clean, second, the hair doesn't stick to them.
    I clean my squirrels as so as posible. ( with in 20min.) Cut the front feet off first. then lay the squirrel on his back over a log or stump and cut the tail as close to the vent as you can. Go through the bone, but not through the skin on the other side. Then make a slit with your knife on both sides of the tail going up toward the back. ( about 1/4 of an in.). Lay the squirrel on his back, step on his tail with both feet, and start to pull stright up with both hind legs. You will start to feel the hide tairing. Keep pulling till you can see the elbows showing from the hide. Stick your finger in and pull the front legs out. Now, there will be a V shaped hide on his belly. Get ahold of that and pull stright up till you pull the back legs out. Now, cut off the head, gut and quarter squirrel. I lay the pieces on a plactic bag to let cool for a few minutes and put them in a zip lock bag. You can get three squirrels in a quart size bag.
    After a little practice, I have seen a friend of my clean one in less than a min. for me though it takes about five. It's quick and easy!
  9. SassyManxLady

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    I agree, Shelby gave you the way that I clean them as well. The real hard part is keeping the hair off of them. Lil goobers surely do like for the hair to stick to the meat.
    Soak them in salt water and them fry em up. Excellent for supper and even breakfast.
  10. MRR

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    Haven't cleaned those tree rats in years but thats the way I was taught by my dad. It's really not that hard unless you get an old one.They can be rather stubborn to skin out.
  11. KajunPCB

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    wow great video..makes it look easy for sure!
  12. Katmandeux

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    The first step is the most important: as soon as Brother Squirrel hits the ground, gut him, and if it's at all warm out, don't put him in a vest. El cheapo shower curtain rings, run through a slit between a back leg bone and the tendon, are perfect for hanging them from your belt loop.
  13. blackwaterkatz

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    That's the way I clean most of mine, too. Excellent video. Thanks for the link.
  14. JAinSC

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    I always carried a few feet of strong cord (like 1/8" thick, about 3 feet long).

    Hang the squirrel by the neck with the cord. Cut just through the skin all around the neck and then peel it down the body. Cut off the tail and feet and then gut him and your ready to go.