How do you carry your fishing tackle?

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    If not then our wonderful staff will put it where it belongs. As I have said before I went fishing with Gary Felkner the other night and to say I was deeply impressed with how he has his tackle all arranged is putting it mildly. He has a velcro sling,which I just found out that Cabela's no longer carries.He has all three of his rods slung together in this sling so they go up over his shoulder.All his tackle is in a backpack so that he carries it on his back.He carries a little 2 gallon frabill bucket with areator for his bait fish while the rest is in an icechest also with areators that is left in the truck.He carries his fishing chair in it's pouch with a sling on the other shoulder.This way everything is all very neatly organized.So how does everyone else carry their tackle? This has really got my mind to churnin cause who wants to make repeated trips back to the truck? I sure don't and I thought his way was pretty neat! Any comments? Am looking forward to em!:wink:
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    i hav 2 carry my stuff in a very similar fashion. its about 1/4 mile over rough terrain from where a park. i use a backpack & 5 gal bucket to carry drinking water, tackle, rod holders, bait, etc. i dont carry a folding chair anymore, its just too heavy. so i sit on the bucket, logs, boulders, whatever is in the shade. that rod sling sounds pretty good. but i carry 3 rods taped together & use them for balance going over the big boulders, steep ravine, & barbed wire fence.

    its kinda funny 2 me, tho, that the guys fishin all around me catch the big fish & carry alot less crp. i should downsize, but i need all of it! i have trouble downsizing my purse too.


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    West Virginia
    I'm a day pack/back pack kinda guy. Rods in one hand, bait bucket in the other.

    You might be surprised at what all you can fit in a small pack.
    Hint: too much.:wink:
  4. crab

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    I use a 5 gallon bucket and a pull cooler.
  5. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    We hump the bare essentials in using a backpack, bait bucket, chairs in bag, rods, and BEER.
    I can use the cardio workout.:smile2:

    We get away from where other people fish to get into the good fishing.
    The terrain doesnt really allow for anything wheeled and I sure wouldnt want to leave any evidence of where I had been going.:wink:

    I think the biggest mistake people make is trying to carry too much fishing.
    I use a tackle bag with the plano boxes. I remove any box I dont need catfishing. I carry rem oil, knife, roll of main line, roll of leader line, scales, bug repellent, sidecutters, and camera in the bag.
    In the back pack we'll have a battery flourescent lantern and a rope to hoist it in a tree.
    And we'll have the beer.
    My chair in a bag also includes usually 2 but up to 4 - 1-1/4" sand spikes for rod holders. They'll slide snugly in around the chair.
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    Pat I don't do much bank fishing anymore, but I will tell you of a neat way to move your tackle to and from. Buy a foldup laundry cart like the ladies use in appartment builings. You can organize your tacklepacks or buckets inside and still have room to stand your rods verticle along with a net. They make these different sizes and some have larger wheels than others. This might be what you are looking for. I hope this helps.:big_smile:
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    I carry my rods and a frabill sit and fish bucket for my bait with an aerator. Also I have this pretty handy chair that doubles as a backpack I think you get them at I can fit my tackle and hook outs scale knife latern and anything else i need in the backback portion of the chair here is some pics.
  8. Redd

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    Southeast Kansas
    If I'm gonna be somewhere for a long time without moving, I have a pretty big soft tackle box with four large plano boxes inside. All sizes and types of tackle separated neatly. And it has a sling that I carry on my shoulder. I'll have a five gal. bucket in one hand, and my rods in the other. Bait, lantern, knife, ect. is in the bucket. But, if I'm wading, I have a little bag with a shoulder strap, that I can fit all the tackle I'll need for the day in four small plano boxes. probably only 12" x6", but enough room I can also put in a water bottle and other necessities. The bait is usually in a little container I tied to a string by the handle then to my belt loop to drag behind me. Nice and light set-up for constantly being on the move.

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    central kansas
    well my tacklebox has a strap on it and it will usually has room for my stinkbait and worms and whatnot and i cary the baitbucket with my rods in one hand and use the other for well....nothing lol
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    Jacksonville NC
    I solved this problem long ago and it was easy.I designed ,with the help of my wife 2 custom fishing tackle carriers that worked extremely well and lasted for years.She took my basic idea and worked on them for about 18 months all told and they were absolutely the best carriers I ever saw or had.Unfortunatley both boys grew up and went their own ways,so now I only get to use them for short periods.The basic design must have been really good, because I notice both of them have produced exactly the same models for themselves.Well not quite, one of them is the more familiar male model but the latest is female which now brings them to 2 females and one male.I also get to use these newer editions for short periods of time.I'm telling you they can't be beat and can be used for endless trips back to the truck without any wear and tear on me.:big_smile::smile2::wink: