How do you carry tackle?

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  1. catseeman

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    Indianapolis, Indiana
    How do you carry tackle to fishing site.
    tackle box withhandle
    tackle box with shoulder strap
    I have tried different wasy of transporting tackle boxes. Ihave a backpack that my large plano box fits in. I recently bought a large fly fishing vest. for bank fishing it works out real good. with all the pockets i can organize hooks, sinkers , bobberrs, ect. in large pocket on the back i put a bottle of water, camera, orlager supplies. this way my hands only haold the fihing rods. Makes it a lot easier to walk a unlevel back and get to the good spots. what do you think or use?

  2. SilverCross

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    Fairbury, Illin
    I purchased a backpack designed for a laptop at Wally and it is really nice. Holds all I need and wieghs around 12 lbs. total and there is a lot in it. My fishing partner just did a little butt pack for walking the creek or river, extra hooks, sinkers and swivels. Just has to carry his two rods and bait and he's ready to go. Me being a packrat I have to have way to much of everything when I go. Hooks, sinkers, flashlights, swivels, snaps, scissors (2 pair), bobbers, scale, glow sticks, tape measure, extra line, stringer for eaters, frizbee for cutting bait, head light, off, couple of knives, peace keeper, then hanging below it is a small soft cooler for bait and water, which wieghs about another 5 lbs.
  3. TOPS

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    Most of my tackle stay in my boat. When I do bank fish I have a small tackle bag that stays packed and ready to go. I just load it up. Take time to make you a bank fishing tackle box. will save time in the long run.
  4. ohiohawghunter45067

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    Trenton, Ohio
    i lug the big tackle box everywhere i go. i need a better system
  5. Redd

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    Southeast Kansas
    I have a big soft tackle box with a shoulder strap for when I plan on staying in one spot or in a boat. But I also have a little bitty plano tackle box too for when I plan on moving agressively by foot. I'll usually put it in a sack with my lunch and it works great. Hope this is of some help to somebody.

  6. ridgerunner

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    I pack a fanny pack with enough takle to rig up both catfish poles, and enough to rerig each one in case of hang ups. My bait is in a soft sided cooler with a strap that makes it easy to carry. I also take enough tackle in the fanny pack for my ultra light. I kind of figure if I get hung up more than once, I'm in the wrong spot anyway.
  7. gardengrz

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    i use an old army surplus bag that was for carrying gas mask appratus, its got 3 pockets, snapped flap closure, carry strap and itll never whair out. i use to carry it deer huntin with all my stuff in it but i dont hunt any more so usein it fo fishin. iv used that bag since aout 1969, its seen alot of use.
  8. james

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    Blue Ridge texa
    I have a old army back pack one of those that has the metal frame. it holds 5 clear plano boxes another bag full of weights has couple pockets on the outside for everything else. prob weights around 40 pounds but with the metal frame and the strap that goes around your stomach and the straps are well padded it sure is alot better than luggin around a old tackle box plus leaves ur hands free for carrying other stuff. for my rods i use 2 chair bags (the camping chairs that fold up into a bad) i do alot of walking so this is the best way ive come up with.
  9. BigCatDreaming

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    A shoulder strap tackle box. It makes it easier for me when i have to walk across rocks and other odd terrian to get to where i need to be to fish.
  10. BigOleW9

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    I carry a backpack that holds all my Plano cases and rod holders along with floats and everything else I need. I can usually walk very long distances with this setup.
  11. Deltalover

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    Tracy Calif
    I have a master tackel box that has hooks, weights, and bobbers from very small to pretty big. Depending on where I am fishing, I use various backpacks, fannypacks or a fishing vest to carry what I need! If I am walking any distance I have a cart, I made from a bike/jogging baby trailer, that can carry the tackle box, rods, net, live baitbucket, chair, airpump and a icechest. It has air tires with slime inside incase of stickers. On level ground it practicly pushes it self!

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  12. laidbck111

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    what has worked for me has been a 3 are 5 gallon bucket with a bucket buddy from the hardware store. put the BB in the bucket and with the lid you don't have to worry about spilling, rolling dumping. plus it makes a good seat if you are lucky enough to have a semilevel ground under your feet.
  13. photocat

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    HOCO, Maryland
    depends on where i'm fishing... usually its in my truck till i get to the spot then most of it by hand...

    I found a neat little backpack the flambeau made (don't know if they make it anymore) it was like 20 at most and has room for 2 of the plano series 3600 or BPS 360 boxes plus its got 5 other pockets ranging in size from enough to hold my headlamp to one holding some bait, extra hooks, line. etc. works well when i've really gotta hike in there... I occasionally will bring a 5 gal bucket (empty except for cast net and Bee Ready Bucket mount Rod holders if i know the ground will be bad for sticking my rod holders in)

    The other thing that will be used to carry my tackle once i get it finished, is my boat... It will have a cover on it when its not in use so it will have gear in it ready to go... so that will be good:)
  14. BamaCats

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    I use a shoulder bag that i got when i bought my Ugly stick. very light weight and can tote it long ways and never feels heavy on my shoulder.