How do I stop screws from backing out

Discussion in 'Boat Repair Help' started by koondawg, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. koondawg

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    I have a 18ft center console Kenner. The stainless steel screws that secure the center console to the floor keep backing out. How do I stop them from doing this and obtain some more of these 3 inch stainless steel screws?
  2. carpet1

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    Try putting lock tight on them or you might try putting crazy glue on them

  3. Cat catcher10

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    They dont go through to the bottom of the boat do they?......if not some lock-tite will hold 'em.......if they do go through then a silicone patching kit would work fine
  4. savage308

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    Jeff, I also have a kenner. Your console is not fiberglassed into the floor of the boat? If not take it to any boat repair shop and have them fiberglass it in. No need to worry about screws anymore. It shouldn't be too expensive.... Good luck...
  5. AwShucks

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    Jeff, good suggestions were the use of lok-tite (believe thats the name). It and replacement stainless steel screws should be available at your local hard-ware store. Fiberglassing it in is an option, but I'd put that way down on the list of possilbe remedies. You may want to remove the console at some future time and it would be difficult to do. Another rememdy, which would probably have to be repeated once or twice a year, would be to glue a small sliver of wood like a toothpick into the existing screw hole. When the screw is replaced, it would then tighten in the hole. Just don't go too drastic on the remedies. LOL
  6. Mark J

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    The way it should have been done in the beginning is to use a backing plate under the floor.
    My concern is that if a screw isnt holding in the floor you may have floor problems.

    The fix I would look at if it were mine would to be to cut an 8" inspection port into the floor on each side of the console depending on where the stringers are located.
    Once thats done I could proceed with installing some aluminum, or stainless back plates.
    I'm not familiar with how Kenners are built and if the bilge is foamed in.
    Even so the foam can be dug out and refilled after the work is done leaving you with 2 weather tight inspection ports in the floor.

    Some do glass them in. I dont. I just dont prefer the finality of glassing in a console. There are times when removing a console or even loosening it up would be advantagious.
    I would rather glue it down with some 4200 and bolt it in place utilizing backing plates and a locking nut.