how did you get started catfishing?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by ebigfish, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. ebigfish

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    I'll go first...

    I always laughed at my younger brother for fishing for cats; why waste your time? go for a real fish like bass or walleye...

    anyway, about 3 years ago, 2 of my brothers talked me into going to canada on the red river for cats. had a great time...

    since then, cats are all I fish for. you can fish all your life and never catch a 10#+ bass or walleye. I can catch a least a 10 pounder every time I go! biggest so far is 18#! I'm Hooked!

    sold my big boat and got a 14ft jon boat... life is good!

    -fish :)
  2. crazy

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    Kansas CIty, MO
    I been fishing sense I could walk. Use to be big on bass,walleye,crappie and and what ever else would bite. I still really enjoy fishing for other fish other then catfish. The deal is I like to catch big fish and an 8 pound bass is not all that great. So I bought a 18ft boat and started catfishing the river.

  3. Desperado

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    Pataskala, Ohio
    I have been catfishing since I was a little kid. The family would go to the ohio river and have outings. Been catfishing ever since.
  4. CJ21

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    Montgomery, Alabama
    I got hooked on catfishing, when I caught my first catfish at a local ditch.
  5. flathunter

    flathunter New Member

    I think the first fish I caught many years ago was a channel cat, I have been hooked every since.
  6. RiverratSC

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    Gaffney, SC
    I've fished for as long as I can remember. I still fish for about every freshwater species around my area but cats are my first choice. I have more gear for cats than any other fish. Seems I started cattin the most around the age of 17 or 18 since I was married already I wanted something we could do together.
  7. sal_jr

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    Ithaca, MI
    Well, when I was growing up, my family all targetted Gills, Perch, Walleye, and Pike, with the occasional Lake Trout trip and salmon charter tossed in "for special occasions". When I was around 12, my grandfather and I went to get perch for his private pond and ended up ordering 50 channel cats instead. I was instantly hooked as soon as I caught one.

    For years, all I did was catch and release on pop's pond.

    When I got into college, the whole interest shifted to salmon fishing rivers on flies with my older bro who is a salmon guru. When he graduated, all my buddies were getting into cats, so I gave wild river run cats a try and got that old feeling again. From there on, it has been pretty much cats all the way, with the occasional walleye and pike trip tossed in for effect, and a few musky trips for fun.

    This is a great thread.
  8. blackwaterkatz

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    Andrews, SC
    I've fished for as long as I can remember, mostly for bluegills and such with family, but when I was probably around 12 or so, my parents would sometimes take my younger brothers and me to a lake back in the santee swamps and leave us there, so we would camp for a night or two on weekends. We weren't allowed to use a boat when we were alone, but we would camp there on the bank and fish for whatever bit, the largest of course being catfish. I have always had a love for catfishing since then, especially what I call 'lazy fishing' from the bank, or anchored in the shade of a large tree, just lay back, rest and nap until a bite. Most relaxing fishing in the world.
  9. Gone fishin 4 kittys

    Gone fishin 4 kittys New Member

    Pittsburgh, PA
    I started fishing the river for something to do! And I would catch cats so I figgured I would try to catch bigger one, found this place and have been hooked ever since. I have always liked to fish something my father and grandfather instilled in me.
  10. Catchinbiguns

    Catchinbiguns Member

    Kansas City, Ks
    You cansay it's a family tradition, It's in my blood.:cool:
  11. Deltalover

    Deltalover New Member

    Tracy Calif
    That would be about 45 years ago, going with mom and dad! Back then there were no gates and no, no trespassing signs or at least very few! The few access areas that did have gates, my dad had keys to as did most city workers! We went at least weekly and sometimes, more often! Fishing was a way of life, the same as hunting was in those days and it kept the freezer full!
  12. jtrew

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    Little Rock, AR
    While I grew up fishing for bass, like most youngsters, I enjoyed having anything on my line that would pull. When I couldn't go fishing for real, I would tie a rubber ball on the end of my line and 'fish' for our Boston terrier in the back yard. I guess the first time I actually targeted catfish was the summer after my first year in college. I had a summer job on the bank of the Tennessee River, and I was able to keep a couple or three throwlines tied to our dock. That's also the first time I used Ivory soap for bait. Being at work, I needed to avoid smelly baits that might offend the boss or other workers.
  13. the_nis

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    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    My dad used to always take me fishing when I was a kid. We'd go down the river and he'd throw on some chicken livers and I'd watch him bring in some nice cats. At first I didn't take it serious at all. I used to go just for something to do. When I was about 15 or so, me and my buddies never had much money so we bought some cheap fishing gear and would head down the river at least twice a week. While most of the other guys I went to high school with were out getting drunk or high or out getting into trouble, I was sitting on the banks catching cats all night! I've been hooked ever since!
  14. FishMan

    FishMan New Member

    I fished for most all game fish, mostly bass, I was one of the first local bass guides to fish the Red Man Tournament Trail when it started, just to tell you how long ago that was a couple days ago I found an old newspaper article telling about me fishing for first place money of $2,000.00 now days it cost more that that just to enter some. I was a bass guide here on barkley lake and thought bass was the only fish worth fishing for.


    Long story short in 1992 I had a stroke and after some recovery I wanted to fish again but knew bass fishing was to busy and stressful. On day I typed in fishing and started going from site to site not really sure what it was I was looking for but when I found this site it didn't take long for me to settle in and give THE GREAT FISH a try, This is my second year of catfishing and my bigest cat is only 7 pounds but I will get the big one this year.

    Why Catfish you ask. For several reasons but the main reason The people that do it.

  15. SilverCross

    SilverCross New Member

    Fairbury, Illin
    I guess when I was 4 years old dad took me to the creek and let me catch some bull heads and cats for supper. I have been hooked on fishing ever since. I use to fish for bass, until I got a 9lb one, now I'm not much interested in them any more. I have always catted but now that is all I do other than catching some bait. I LOVE CATTING.
  16. warcraft1975

    warcraft1975 New Member

    when i was alittle kid the first fish i ever caught was a channel cat from the river and have been doing it every since,to me there is nothing better
  17. photocat

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    HOCO, Maryland
    i got hooked on catfishing when at Rocky Gap Camping w/ my family quite a few years ago... they had a catfishing program for kids and i think pretty much anyone and well i went... was the only one to catch anything (except for one who caught a HUGE bluegill) ... if i recall right it was a 19 inch channel and 13 inch bullhead or something along those lines...

    I've been fishing for fish since atleast 3 years old when i took a piece of my mom's crocheting yarn and tied it to a stick from our back yard and then when me and my dad went down to the dock where he fished... i tied on a worm to the line (yes i said tied... no hook) and dropped it in the water hoping for a bite... lol since then i've ammassed way too much fishing stuff... i think i have over 30 rods and reels, and tons of tackle for going after everything from minnows to saltwater fish though no trolling rods yet since i don't have a boat or a need to have them... Most are set up for Catfish or live baiting for Ba$$... with my stand bys of fly gear for trout, and Pike/muskies
  18. the_nis

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    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Good point! I agree. For some reason the guys who fish for cats seem to be the most genuine people. Unlike a lot of those BASS guys!
  19. nosnag

    nosnag New Member

    I grew up on a lake most of my younger years.We used to put out about fifteen set lines for brown bullheads before going to bed.My Grandfather and I would bring in the catch in the morning,clean and skin them,and Grandma would bread them and fry them up for breakfast.
    My first experiance with catfish was when I was stationed at Fort Eustas in Va.,and a girlfriends brother and I went out to catch them in a local stream.I believe we caught about thirty of them that night.Most over 5#.That was in 1956 and I have been fishing for them since.Lost the girl but found a freshwater fish that excited me even more.:)
    I fish salt water as much as I can,but for just a great time fishing sweet water fish, I do'nt think any other fish can beat them.
    As for repeating that first catfish night,I have never been able to duplicate that type of catch.Still hope to do it again though.
  20. cat_catchin_fish

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    Weir, Kansas
    Hello all...
    started as a die-hard bass fisherman since was little uncle near chanute, Ks. took me night fishing one time with his son. Largest bass was a fighting, jumping 10lb. bigun. There I was with my little bass rig watchin cousin with his deep sea rig with 100lb. line. Yes made fun of him...little did I know. Little guy weighed about 100lb. almost as much as his rig for the night. Cat hit and ran straight for the bank...crankin in the line to keep up the slack. Fish stopped and the small winch my cus was using would not budge him. After a good 10 min. the cat decided to move back to deep water and began to drag the poor kid along the bank toward the water...grabbed ahold of his waist and cat was dragging the additional 175lbs.
    Needless to say was hooked from that moment and had to get me one of them mini water beefs. Lost the fish...must of cut the braided line on the shell of the quarry was fishing at.