How did you do on the ohio river this weekend ?

Discussion in 'OHIO RIVERS TALK' started by Desode, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. Desode

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    I was wondering how you all did on the Ol' Ohio this weekend?
    I fished all weekend, friday had its good hrs, from 5pm to 7 pm I caught 12 channel cat and 1 small flat all on hotdog. The biggest one being a 4 pd channel. Then it just died off the rest of the weekend. Satuday I caught a 4.5pd monster smallmouth at the locks in yorkville and he was on hotdog too ( that was a first) .
    Thats about it I tried everything sat and sun night, live gill,chubs,cut chad, you name it I tried it. I finally gave into the war of the gar :confused2: and just started catching them on my second rod and tossing them on the fire. They make good fire wood ! :smile2: I don't know whats in them but something was coming out that was igniting like lighter fluid. I caught 4 gar sat nite and 6 sun nite. The biggest was 37 inch. Its kind of fun watching them take that lighted bobber clear out to the middle of the river before they dive on the second run. Hope this week gets better like those good friday hrs. As far as conditions, the river was really switching it up over the weekend, fri the water was muddy with slow current and then sat the current was strong , then Sun the water was clear as could be with medium current. Peace out, Matt, Aka Desode
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    Shelbyville, TN
    Sounds like you had a great trip, congrats and good luck in the future

  3. Capt.mike jr

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    WOW almost my best night on the river ever last saturday night 7/26/08 we caught out shad about 8pm and started out of cleves ohio and headed up river toward cin. Me and 3 friends fished from 9pm untill 9am sunday morning because we ran out of bait and we stoped counting catfished at 4am with 92 catfish and probably caught another 40 or 50 after daylight the biggest was 15lbs,no blues or flatheads we was around the salt flats just 7 or 8 miles west of cincinatti we fished in 16ft of water with cutt shad,shrimp and cutt catfish it was crazy if u wanna know more details hit me up and i hope everybody has a great time on the river.