How did we miss this??

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    October 24, 2009

    Sissonville angler lands 60-pound Kanawha catfish

    By John McCoy
    Staff writer

    For a few brief seconds, Dustin Hagy was convinced he had snagged his fishing line on the bottom of the Kanawha River.
    Then the bottom moved.

    "I'd never felt anything like that before," said Hagy, 23, of Sissonville. "I'd hooked some big fish before, but nothing that could even begin to compare to this one."....

    ....Hagy got out his "herring rig," a 2-foot leader with small artificial flies attached to it. Within minutes, he'd landed a pair of 9-inch skipjacks. He threaded one onto his catfish rig's size 5/0 hook and cast it far out into the river.

    Two hours later, he reeled the line in, re-baited with a fresh skipjack and resumed fishing. Ten minutes later, the big flathead hit.

    "I felt one small tug," Hagy said. "When I reeled up the slack, the fish was there. At first I thought I was snagged on the bottom, but then I felt the fish start to take off. It took a lot of line."

    Eventually Hagy regained the lost line and worked the leviathan toward shore. After roughly a half hour, he clamped his hands on the fish's lower lip and hauled it onto the bank........

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    I knew of it but see 4-5 fish that big every year on the kanawha so I dont see blowing it out of proportion.I have had people say they wanted to call the paper and ask em to run a story on fish I have caught but I plead them not to.

    Impressive fish non-the less.