How did they get there

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    Here is a question I am posting for anyone to answer if they can.

    I have a pond. It is a little bigger than a football field. Since this was one of the driest years in ILL it went fairly empty. It hasnt be cleaned out in alot of years. It takes run off from several acres of land. So it was silted in pretty bad. In December I had the dam cut open and drained the last 2 ft of water out of it. We rescued the catfish and bluegills and few bass out of it. What surprised me though was that there were 14 carp in it. They were any where from 6 to 10 lbs.

    My question ? how did they get there.

    The over flow of the pond is a concrete structure that is about 5 ft wide. It then runs down a couple of small ditches to a large creek. The creek is about 1/4 of a mile from the pond. When the spring floods hit the water goes out of the creek banks. Do you think that the carp swam up the ditches to my pond? Or does the old saying that the dang blue herons can bring them in on their feet be true. Just wondering what you all think.

    I am geting a backhoe to clean it out . I will post pics of it later on.
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    Hmmmm.....that's intresting. To tell you the truth I dont know man. But I have heard about the blue herron transporting the fish with their feet like your talking about. They get the eggs or something stuck on their feet.


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    The Birds,i would bet!I was told one time,that a storm could do it also.When you think about it,i guess it's possible.