How could a catfish pass it up?

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    I like to come up with new ideas for bait but usually don't have time to try them.

    If you can make this simple bait and let me know how it worked. After all, the best baits started as an idea.

    Use about a pound of shad from your favorite lake and grind in a meat grinder or food processor. Once it is goupy, add some cornmeal and enough flour to get a doughy consistency. Add a whole bottle of vanilla extract and knead it in. For a special addition (optional) take a few freshwater clams from the same lake (if you can get them) and put clams (w/out shells) in lake water and sour for a day or two. Make sure you start souring before you start the bait so it is sour when you're ready to make the bait. You can use the clams seperately for bait but pour the soured clam water into the dough and add a little extra flour to keep consistency.
    Roll the dough into a thick patty and boil it for 15-20 mins to toughen it up. Refrigerate and use on that lake where you got the ingredients.

    If you ever try this, use it when cats are hitting stink bait the most. You may wait till summer if it's the best time. Let me know if you ever use it. Thanks

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    I will try this recipe in the spring and let you know how it works.