How come some baits work better then others?

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by Aquakeeper, Sep 2, 2006.

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    Me and some guys have been down to this spot that we always fish at for the past few months and we have tried alot of different kinds of baits out there. Storebrand dough stink-bait, powerbait stink bait, home-made stinkbait, chicken livers, hotdogs, raw shrimp & garlic stinkin shrimp, and nightcrawlers.

    So far the only thing that are really drawling the cats in are the nightcrawlers and now the raw plain shrimp have hit lately too. U throw out anything else and it seems like u won't get a bite at all the whole night.

    I read all the threads on here about homemade baits and stink baits are the best and the livers are soppost to be great too but it seems like around here they want nothing to do with that stuff.

    Do u guys think the bait selections have somthing to do with the area you are fishing in, wether it be regional or the actual spot fishing from. Also we have yet to see a cat over 5lbs bite. Could it be we are only getting the smaller cats because of our bait selection and missing the bigger cats? Should we give the stinkbaits more trys or just stick with what seems to be biting in our area?

    Any ideas?
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    Aquired taste. Different bodies of water have different fishing pressure and techniques that the fish are faced with everyday. I think that fish, like people, are and can be picky as to what and when they will eat.