How Cold?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by kkyyoottee, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. kkyyoottee

    kkyyoottee New Member

    How cold will it have to get before you stop fishing? With the cooling down of the water tempature will the cats go on a feeding frenzy like the bass do?

    Thanks Will
  2. bumper

    bumper New Member

    I actually fish year round because it usually just doesn't get that cold down here. We have a lot of winter time days near 60 degrees which is a lot better than fishing in 100 degree heat to me. I may not catch as many fish when the water is cold, but the average size caught is definitely bigger.(for blues anyway, don't catch many channels or flats in cold water)

  3. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    I fished all of last winter (at least, until the big cold snap in January that froze Truman Lake). Didn't do much good on the Missouri River but was out there too quite a bit. The catfish don't hibernate or quite biting when it gets cold; they move to different locations but keep right on feeding all winter.
  4. pappy3

    pappy3 New Member

    I agree the only thing I notice is when the water temps get in the 40's the fish I catch are bigger! I mainly fish through the fall and winter for big cats .
    Location and depth is the key at that time. pappy3:big_smile:
  5. river scum

    river scum New Member

    hooterville indiana
    i fish all year but will draw the line at -45. dern lcd screen goes black at those temps.
  6. tkishkape

    tkishkape New Member

    Gore, Okla
    I fish all year around with the exception of when the ice is on the ramp. It's mighty hard to make the truck stop when launching on an icy ramp... and even harder to get it to climb back up the ramp with a boat on the trailer.

    As long as the ice is an inch or less thick, the bow of my boat will break it's way through.

    The LCD display is a problem, though. I keep it in the house until I'm ready to go, then carry it inside my jacket until I'm ready to use it. Once it comes on, it will generate enough heat to stay on unless the wind is too strong. I have been known to use a big handwarmer on the back of the unit and a thin sheet of foil loosely wrapped on to break the wind.

    The fishfinder is the heart of winter fishing for bluecat... without one, you're fishing blind. I use the fishfinder to locate and catch winter shad, then it shows me the depth to fish for the blues (ideally, 1-2 feet below the shad school)
  7. Arkansascatman777

    Arkansascatman777 New Member

    We fish for blues all winter. At least as long as the lake is not frozen over. We will go early to try to be the first one at the ramp a lot of days so we can unload before the ice freezes up on the ramp from people pulling out. The daytime temps will usually get high enough to thaw the ramp by the time we leave. This works until duck season, then them goldang duck hunters get around early :eek:oooh::smile2:. You will learn where to catch bait in the winter. We have a few places we can get fresh shad most of the time but when the water temp's really drop you will ned to be prepaired to catch them 30+ ft. deep. Winter time is my favorite time to catch numbers as well as size when it comes to blues.
  8. lilgriz

    lilgriz New Member

    Aurora, KY
    my friends and i fish all year round, no matter how cold it gets. we fish from the bank so we don't have to worry bout the ramp freezeing or the depth finder failing. we do just as good though the winter as we do though the rest of the year. we build a fire to stay warm, make coffee or hot chocolate while waiting for the fish to bite.
  9. jtrew

    jtrew New Member

    Little Rock, AR
    I admit it, I'm a wuss when it comes to cold weather. I had all of that I could stand when I was stationed up in Montana for 5 years. If it gets below freezing, I'm probably gonna stay in the house unless somebody can get me really motivated...say, with a gun, a whip, and a chair.
  10. JAinSC

    JAinSC Active Member

    South Carolina
    I love the fall fishing. The flatheads bight real well - I do best for numbers of fish in the fall (usually bigger fish in the late spring). But then, South Carolina does not get all that cold. I fish for flatheads down to a bit below 60 degrees water (around the end of November) with live bait. I get a few on cut bait in colder water - down to about 50. But then I switch and fish for blues and channels.

    I fish all winter, I just change species. The lowest water temps of the year here are usually around the mid 40's - low 40's in a cold year.
  11. Bacardipr05

    Bacardipr05 New Member

    Been up further north then most of the guys that posted. I usually stop in mid to late October. But that is just me I have scouted the general fishing holes and see no one out there either(they must be hiding). I am not afraid of the cold its just before I have had little luck when fishing past mid October. Since I fish from the banks I am assuming they are heading into deeper water at this point. That been said two years ago i caught my biggest channel in mid to late October. He put up a nice fight and I wont soon forget it. The thing that made it more memorable was that I was just getting questioned by a passerby. Who said why fish this late in the year? Just as he uttered his last word I seen the rod double over. The rest well I am assuring you guys can figure it out....Lol.......:smile2:
  12. yeppa

    yeppa New Member

    Topeka, Kansas
    I used to break the ice out of the guides in order to cast, but I've discovered that the older I get----the narrower my temperature preference gets. Right now I'm real fond of 75 76 and 77. Really though I'll probably fish as long as I can still dress warm.
  13. Big B

    Big B New Member

    North Texas
    I don't seem to catch nearly as many small fish during the cold months as I do in the warmer months. However my biggest have come during the summer. My PB was during summer time.
  14. mbodner

    mbodner New Member

    I fish year round on the river,38 degrees is my outside temp limit,and there is no ice on the river.I found fish last winter in deep holes.good luck.
  15. duckbuster

    duckbuster New Member

    Ballard Co., Kentucky
    I'll usually fish until it gets down in the mid 40s.