how catfish bite bait

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by Joe Car, Aug 4, 2008.

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    Anyone ever experience 5lb channels that are full of fish feed and are not biting realy out of hunger just inerest.
    The other day I went to a farm pond and could see the channels feeding on floating food that had sank to the bottom.
    I started using rye bread but was close enoughf to watch them take the bait.
    most of these fish would suck up the bait and be eating floating food without them indicating you had a bite. But if I wasn't there to actualy witness when they had sucked up the bait I would not have known I had a fish until they actualy ran off.
    I was having to set the hook when I witnessed the fish suck up the bait and the fight was on.
    I noticed if you didn't set the hook hard enoughf you sometimes lose the fish with a #4 trebile.
    I noticed in deep water on the same pond using sony's that the bite was extremely light for a 5lb fish. I was setting the hook on a slow bite and nailing them. I noticed if you waited for the ole ripped down pole technique you would not catch them.
    These fish were eating out of ,{cant resist the sony's smell and taste} not realy out of hunger.
    There bellys were full of fish feed when I went to clean them
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    so that means in my dingy stained lake no catfish!! lol there no way for me to see them!!

    we just watch for line going slack, moving a little bit out of the ordinary maybe to the side a hair anything

    most the big bites we get are gar drum and carp

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    It all depends on the time of the year and them. My two 10# both hit like a ton of bricks but that was during the spawn in 3-5 fow. Went out the other night got a 13" she hit it hard enough to knock my 8' pole off its rest then thought she was a bass and jumped about a foot in the air on the way in. so I would say it probally depends on that and where you are fishin (pond, lake, or river)thats just my thoughts
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    When I'm fishing I use just enough weight to get the bait down. In ponds and lakes and in real slow flowing rivers most of the time that means a large snap swivel is enough weight and watch that line. I know this may sound crazy , but a few year ago my son and I was fishing.He was getting bites constantly will I was getting none..He brought my attention to the fact that he was using no weight and the bites was light. I removed the 3/4 oz. sinker from my line and started catching fish along with him .From then on I've always used the least weight I can get by with. Try it ya might detect more bites.
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    Highland Villag
    What you experienced and witnessed is very similar to fishing over baited holes with soured grain or range cubes. The fish are not aggressive, but are in a stationary feeding frenzy. They just sit there on the bottom gorging on the chum and your bait and not really moving around much. The bite is often very light, much like a crappie "thumps" a jig or minnow. You must set the hook as soon as you feel anything different on the end of the line. Sometimes it's a thump, peck, heavy or even a weightless feeling. It may be a 1 lb fish or a 15 lb fish. They will often hit the same. There are exceptions when one will just slam the bait, but if you are waiting for the fish to really "take it", you're missing a lot of fish.
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    Interesting post thanks....olj