How can I stop the digging?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by TDawgNOk, Mar 4, 2006.

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    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    Ok folks. I know there are some people out there who are well versed in training dogs. Well, I've got a problem. My wifes little schnauser (sp?) mix thinks that she is Houdini and likes to dig holes to get out of the back yard. She has also dug a nice hole kinda like a den right at the edge of the porch and at the foundation of the house. How can I stop this? It wouldn't be so bad if the dirt that she moved outta the hole was somewhere that I could find it, but, I just can't figure out where it's going. No way to refill the holes. She is constantly getting out of our back yard unless I keep her chained up which I hate doing. She got out a while back, got pregnant, now we have puppies to find homes for. She has gotten out once since the puppies were born 5 weeks ago. Please help!!!
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    you live in oklahoma thats why you cant find the dirt.
    indian payback for paleface stealing land.

    you can dig a trench and lay a pipe and after backfilling
    you will be short the necessary dirt needed too cover
    the trench properly. try it.

    you could try a shock collar and every time said digger goes to work ZAP its butt she might get the hint.
    or a small strand of shock fence or the buried shock fence could solve it.

    we got an O.S. dog that was digging under fence and my wife would fill in the holes and put his waste in there with it and he didnt like that..

    people think the shock collar is cruel but it will work quickly if the dog has half a brain .hunters use it to train . i know a couple guys used it for barking control and it worked pretty fast.

    the den she dug is kind of normal and although it doesnt look pretty in a yard it is probably very comfortable for it.
    the other holes though , ZAPIT.....(WHIP-CRACKING SOUND).. ZAPIT GOOD

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    I'm with DRC. A shock collar is an amazing tool if used properly. I'd see if I could find someone that has one and borrow it. You have to be consistent on how you use it. It does work though. I've even seen it work on a horse. Gonna try one of my buddies next. And then......:0a10:
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    Just one word here. PEPPER

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    If have always leaned towards punching 'em in the throat. It is cheap, productive, relieves stress, and a great way to burn of those pesky unwanted calories. Plus I feel like a cowboy (the John Wayne kind, not the Brokeback Mountain kind) when I am out there on the range just puchin' them doggies.:rolleyes: I would go with DRC and use the collar. I know people who use them and swear by them.
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    Something tells me that using pain association techniques isn't in your thinking processes. So, I won't bother with suggestions that would solve the problem AND put fresh catfish bait on your hooks.

    How about a trip to Home Depot? Pick up four chain link fence panels and a few bags of Quick-crete and make yourself a see-ment pad dog run. They are easy to keep clean and Fluffy's digging days are over.

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    Sorry to hear about your wifes SCHNAUZER! LOL! Get the little tramp fixed.
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    George, take your prozac and go to your room:p
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    I second that,we tryed that with my wifes dachunds and it worked really well,we went to the dollar store and got a couple bottle of that red pepper and put it around the the bottom of the fenc ein the front yard all the way down and any place they could dig,it took awhile but it worked they dont dig anymore and it was a cheap fix....of course you will have to recharge after a rain but pepper is cheap.
    the shock collar is a very effective and a fast method of training dogs,we use em for our coon dogs and rabbit dogs but im afraid the ones we have may be to powerful for our lil mini dachunds,they do have settings on them but wife would kill me if i did it lol...but ya gotta learn when to use em or else your just waisting time and shockin the dog for no reason lol
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    My dog kept trying to dig out, so I just a bigger hole and laid down some chicken wire and covered it back up again, he went out next to the fence to dig again and tried to dig against the chicken wire and he didnt like it at all, he stopped digging soon after.

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    I have a beagle that was digging to escape the yard all the time. I just bought an inexpensive fence charger and put a strand of hot wire about 5-6" off the ground all the way around the yard. There are even special plastic standoff wire holders that clamp right to the chainlink. Only took a few times getting a light shock and he doesn't dig out anymore. Half the time the charger isn't even plugged in, he stays clear of the fence. Spent maybe $60 at the farm store to wire 3/4 acre. A lot easier than dealing with a runaway dog or the fear of finding him dead on the road. Of course this won't stop your dog from digging elsewhere in the yard, but at least it won't be disappearing.
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    go with chris's idea. ive used chicken wire with great sucess.when your dog digs a fresh hole go out aand put chicken wire in it and cover it back up. your dog will go back to the same spot and dig again he will stop when he gets to the chicken wire.get him pad sore once or twice and he'll quit digging