How can I fish for stripers from the bank ?

Discussion in 'Striper Fishing' started by Jb1z, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. Jb1z

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    How can I fish for stripers from the bank ?
  2. JimmyJonny

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    You can use a bobber or a balloon rig with live or cut bait.

    Fishing bottom works at times as well as free-line with a live bait. Shinners, herring, and threadfins, dead and alive, are top choice baits here.

    Lures are a great way if you can find schooling fish. bucktails, grubs, plugs, etc

    My better luck bank fishing for them has come just before daylight and a few hours after that.

    Ya really have to pick a method that will work for the area you fish...depends on how much structure is in your way.

    Feel free to ask if you need more detailed info on a particular method. I'm a part time Striper chaser so perhaps these kind folks will have a few more ideas for ya.

    Good luck

  3. NJ CLAD

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    Slip bobber rig and cut bait. You could also use a surf casting setup and lures. It depends how deep the fish are. If they are deep I'd slip bobber them. If they are shallow you have choices between bait or lures.
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    I'll stand by that one.
  5. john catfish young

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    Most of my striper fishing is done in the winter time at warm water discharges in Tennessee at night time. We use live skipjacks and cut baits fished on the bottom with a 6 or 8 oz weight. Sometimes we even run a skipjack on a float and have caught some brutes that way too.:cool2:

    In the spring I fish below dams in Kentucky and catch good ones by throwing various types of lures, top water, swim shads, buck-tail jigs, etc. etc. usually do best right at daylight fishing these tactics.:cool2:
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    I do my striper fishing from the bank also.. having a surf rod to be able to cast far is definately a plus.. this summer most of the stripers I've caught have been on pencil poppers..

    I weigh my pencil poppers with BB's to give it some added weight to be able to cast it further incase the stripers start surfacing far away.

    Topwater is my favorite way of fishing for stripers.. but i would say being able to cast far is a must.. Ballooning and slip corking is fine as well but IMO takes too long..

    Heres one I caught a few weeks ago.. \


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  7. festus

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    JB1z, you have been given some good information by these folks. In the spring and summer, I like to fish from the bank below dams when they are generating. I use two rods, one's an 8' surfcaster spinning outfit, the other is a big baitcaster on a 7' rod. Both are spooled with 17 pound test mono. Braided line is probably better, but much more expensive. I usually use jigs and swimbaits below dams. Big jigs at least one ounce to two ounces with a 4" twistertail grub trailer. If the water is fairly clear, I use a white bucktail jig with a pearl twistertail. If it's murky, I use a chartreuse or dark colored bucktail jig with either a chartreuse, smoke, or motor oil colored twistertail. I use many other colors also, sometimes the funky looking colors can be found in the bargain bins. For swimbaits I use either a 3" or 5" Storm Wildeyed Shad. The swimbait (3 for $5.50) is more expensive than the jig-twister combo (99 cents), but also more effective, at least for me. I have also caught them on the biggest Rat-L-Trap made, Little George tailspinners, big Sidewinder spoons, the largest Roostertails, and Redfins.

    During the winter I like to fish below steam plants with live bait-shad, shiners, bluegills, or big creek chubs. I have even caught stripers accidently while fishing for catfish on nightcrawlers, chicken livers, and shad guts.
  8. flatheadhunterx

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    South Carolina
    do you fish a lake or a river? they are totally different. if a lake then you can cut during the spring and fall off of main lake points, and this will work sometimes in the winter as well. herring seems to be the best bait for cut baiting. you can use live bait such as herring, shad and trout, and small bream under a slip float since they run shallow any time except summer. free lining works well also but may be difficult to get any distance. summer time may be alittle difficult to catch them from the bank because they tend to hang near the thermocline over deeper water. I have saw schools knocking shad clean out of the water on to the bank in the winter and early fall because they were in water so shallow. when they are like they are hard to get from a boat because you can spook them easily. also try fishing on wind blown banks as this seems to push the bait up towards the bank. river fishing for them I cant help you there.