How can i catch big bream?

Discussion in 'Bluegill Fishing' started by Freeman.360, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. Freeman.360

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    out of my local ponds. big???
  2. 223reload

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    Welcome,CJ. I think you need to determine first if your local pond has big gills in it, Then its really a matter of finding them. I have my best success when the spawn is on. The bigger fish are easy to find and very agressive.

  3. NewMexicoCatfisher

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    Well if the fish are really picky then get the fish's main food source( Aquatic Insects) you can use a fly or just one of them on the hook.
  4. jtrew

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    Welcome to the BOC, CJ! Richard's right about making sure that the pond actually contains a reasonable population of big bream. The biggest problem with bream in a pond is overpopulation, which results in stunted fish. Years ago, when some distant family members were building a farm pond, their county agent told them to never return a bream to the water; leaving it to rot on the bank was better for the bream population. Long term? Find a pond owner who wants to improve the size of his bream population and will let you help him do it. Find some nearby fishermen who would like some smaller bream for bait. With their help, seine bunches of small bream out of the pond, providing lots of baitfish, and more space for the remaining bream to grow. This makes both you and the pond owner happy, because it results in bigger bream, and you have permission to fish it!
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    its tough to find a good spot to catch big ones consistently. Typically, you will have to find a good farm pond that has been forgotten!! Good luck
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    If the pond is loaded with bream the odds are that there are not too many big ones. More mouths to feed means fewer big fish.

    As for finding them, try looking to deeper water. Usually I find the bigger bream in deeper water than the smaller ones. The exception of course is during the spawn when you can find them shallow.