How big was the one that got away

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  1. catfishing is fun

    catfishing is fun New Member

    So how big was your one that got away... I just saw the head of mine, it was the size of a station wagon lol, how big was yours
  2. r_p_narramore

    r_p_narramore New Member

    East KY
    Not sure, I couldn't see both ends.:roll_eyes:


    DANZIG New Member

    West Virginia
    I don't know but I was using my little brother for bait, haven't seen him since..:smile2:
  4. kat in the hat

    kat in the hat Well-Known Member

    I don't know how big, but I did hook a big ol' flattie once in real shallow water behind a fallen tree. First, my rod got yanked from the holder, but I managed to grab it and set the hook. My drag wasn't set properly, so as soon as I set the hook....SNAP! Line broke, and the fish took off with a mighty splash. The wake it made was like someone threw a VW in the water. Can't guess the size, but I guarantee it was a hawg.
  5. RebelMan

    RebelMan Guest

    The size of the big one that got away? I would say 45+inch Musky that snapped my line near my boat at Raystown Lake,Pennsylvania...... I yelled so loud when my line went limp.:crazy::big_smile:
  6. poisonpits

    poisonpits Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    i went gigging with my uncle one time and i saw the eye of a flathead ease out from under the boat.when i told my uncle he said for gods sake dont gig it its other eye is on my side of the boat.
  7. River_monster91

    River_monster91 New Member

    central kansas
    well...i thought i hooked a monster bass fishin but then when i got it close enough to see what it was i realized it was my cousin
  8. Scott Daw

    Scott Daw New Member

    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    I had a good one the other day fishing an old mine hole, when the fish turned to dive back down the water erupted like a vulcano. My line snaped like a crack of a whip and the back lash hit a guy who was paddling by in his canoe causing him to tip over his canoe.
  9. Wil

    Wil New Member

    Minden Nebraska
    idk but it broke 25lb spiderwire... my drag was set ok and all and it just snapped the line after a 15 minute battle... big fish in my book
  10. Dano

    Dano New Member

    most of my fishing is for eater size but I have hooked into some big stuff.
    This is my stories of some of the biggest hook setting I've ever encountered.
    I set the hook into a 200 lb'er one time. It really made the thing mad. Didn't break the line but the way it was thrashing and coming at me, I dropped everything and ran up the hill.:crazy:

    it took a while and a couple cold ones , it finally settled down . after that for some reason, my buddy moved his chair down the bank . Said I needed more casting room.:roll_eyes:

    I said, I have plenty of casting room, new exactly what I was doing, snagging ears for bait. I heard cats like them bloody ears as much as bream heads for bait. :smile2:

    That fired him up again but he backed off when I tired on a 4oz weight with #10 hook and said you better cover those family jewels. :smile2:

    Heck another time i hung something at bottom of lake in bout 40 foot of water. I fought that thing for bout an hour till I heard a thump under my boat and my line broke. From that time on, that 40 foot hole is now bout 2 foot deep. I think I pulled up the bottom of the lake. now it makes a great summer spot in middle of lake to sit up a lawn chair chilling in the sun . :cool2:

    This has happen a few times. Bout rip my shoulder off. I went to cast and next thing I knew a huge pine tree went flying over my head , landed in the water. I had to cut my line. it worked out, now it holds cats in that area.:wink:

    I use a lighter line now days. Those big hook sets is more than I can handle. :tounge_out:

  11. Phil Washburn

    Phil Washburn New Member

    Shawnee OK
    happened twice...the first was a flathead on a limb line on the north canadian him out of the water completely, but he jumped before i got him over land..the bank was 4 or 5 feet straight down..he was at least 3 feet long..huge fish from that water.

    the second was on a trot line on the arkansas river..i never saw him, but he was moving the boat. i tried to pull him in and he pulled off after about 4 minutes of that...i probably tried to horse him too much:embarassed:
    he tore up a 180lb drop...never had a big one like that before, so a VERY rough guess would be 50 plus lbs.....he is the reason i want to go back to the arkansas, but i no longer have a boat:sad2:
  12. Smuggo

    Smuggo New Member

    2 for 1....My buddy does some offshore fishing and uses nice Shimano trolling reels. On this occasion he brought one out. Nice BIG reel with huge line capacity, lever drag, big power handle. Rigged on 5 0r 6 ft offshore ugly stick, a real broomstick of a rod....prolly sunk $250-$300 in this combo. He said there was'nt a fish in this lake that he could'nt get in the boat with this rig.

    We were fishing one of my favorite shallow flats and had hooked another fish and with the distraction of landing that fish missed the big pole bite. I saw the pole as it left the boat. The fish bit so hard that the heavy reel lifted off the floor and flipped over the side of the boat leaving a trail of bubbles.

    The fish rolled in the shallows about 75 yds from the boat and we could tell it was a nice fish in the 30-40 lb class. Pulled anchor and tried dragging the area hoping to snag the line from the reel in the shallow water but never found it.

    Funny thing about it was we had talked about setting the rod up so a big fish would'nt take it...His exact words were "Lock down baby...lock down".

    When we get low water levels at the lake this shallow flat drys up and you can see several rod and reels out on the mud.

    2 big ones that got away
  13. 223reload

    223reload New Member

    I've only lost two good fish in my life .One was a huge channelcat ,I caught on a trotline when I was 13 or so and I estimated it at 15 + broke the 4/0 j hook as i was slipping the net under it . The next was a huge alligator gar in the lower Illinois river near Gore OK. I was trout fishing and I saw the take that gar was close to five feet long and when I set the hook the 4lb line spapped. My father in law saw it and said I would have liked to have seen you bring that in on that 36" ultralight rod lol.
  14. odtimr

    odtimr New Member

    Well now the last one I lost was just last week in the river and although I was fishing alone I got proof how big it was. Unfortunately I had forgot my catfish net. Well I knew I was in trouble when I reeled that baby clear up to the top eye on the rod and had not yet got the top fin on the fish out of the water. He gave one mighty flip and went back into the water, man it splashed water I bet 20 feet high, and so long fish. I’ll be glad to take you to the river and show you the hole in the water, it’s still there, but starting to fill in a little now. Luck