How big of boat?

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    Got back from fishing the Lower James and fell in love with Blue Cat fishing. Looks like the Potomac river is pretty good fishing also, and is alot closer (2.5 hr) meaning that I could make it a weekend trip. What size of boat is considered safe though? I only have a 14' Jon with a 9.9...Safe or going to get sunk? We took my uncles 25' pontoon to the Lower James but he had a hard time getting the OK from his wife for that one. Not sure he'll be albe to get away with it again? The downfall to the 9.9 is that it would take me forever to get anywhere, but that's at least better than not fishing at all. Any thoughts? Thanks,

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    good enough for the northern part, around williamsport md, not sure further south you go. i have similar setup and i do fine

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    With a 14' on the lower potomac a lot will depend on the winds. It gets pretty wide in some areas. If the winds kicks up to 15 to 20mph, your looking at 1-2' swales. Depends on what your comfortable with. You have to add in there are also some pretty good size boats down there some will slowdown to get maximum waves just to see how much they can rock ya.

    Far as the 9.9 it's do-able. it is a tidal river and there is a pretty good current flowing, not as much as the James, but still enough to get you going, or , slow ya down a bit if going agianst the current.

    Depending on where you put in at would be wise. You could put in a Fort Washington, and be right on top of the big blues. Also putting in up at Belle Haven marina, is another good area that you wouldn't have to run a long way.

    biggest thing would be to pay close attention to the wind forecasts for the 14' jon. It's easy to get in trouble quickly. But you will see guys out in small boats also, so yes it is possible.