How are the crappie biting?

Discussion in 'LOCAL OKLAHOMA TALK' started by fishnfool68, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. fishnfool68

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    Near Tulsa Oklahoma
    I know the spoonbill,and sandys are running,but hows the crappie fishing right now?My buddy likes to eat crappie and isn't intrested in the 2 fish I know where and how to catch this time of year.He's wanting to do some fishing tomarrow on Claremore lake.I'm wondering where(how deep,in structure,or open water),and what you guys are catching them on?I know where the catfish are at Claremore so I'll prob put in some jugs and wherever we find some crappie I'll be fishing for a big cat aswell.Any tips would be appreciated.
  2. samh

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    Here in central Arkansas the crappie were really going strong till this cold weather hit, week before last everyone was catching them in shallow water get'n ready to spawn. Don't know how long it'll take'em to crank back up after this weater though.

  3. osageCo_flathead

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    Man I wish I could get into some sandies. I caught a great mess of crappie on a small creek this morning using a small, white, curly tail jig. They were hanging close to a large rock structure. But we have also done good on minnows fishing up against the walls on spill ways. I just got tired of buying minnows so I switched to the jigs and they have worked great. Good luck to you and if you want some help catching those sandies and cats GIVE ME A SHOUT!!!!!!!
  4. jbarnes17

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    Commerce, Oklahoma
    they were biting really well here until this cold snap hit us. I'm ready for some warmer weather.