How are the bow hunters doing?

Discussion in 'LOCAL TEXAS TALK' started by vclifford28, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. vclifford28

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    went to the lease last weekend still real green in South Texas.Did'nt even bring my bow,sat in my rifle blind and saw a couple of nice young bucks, hope the bowhunters are seeing more than I am! Tooo many does!!!
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    Hi Vince!
    I got a new to me bow recenlty and have discovered that an arm guard would really be a good investment. I am still only target shooting but feeling really good about it; but then again the target doesn't move that much. :smile2: I am hopefull that I'll be ready real soon. If you gotta a doe problem I can assist you with that:tounge_out:.

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    Gary Texas
    I can tell you how they are doing in my neck of the woods that would be North East Texas, Not good! They are seeing doe very late in the evening, too late to shoot. Mornings are not that good either. The bucks have disappeared for the most part. They are seeing many very young bucks, no shooters. I was seeing many nice bucks the first of September but they have changed there pattern. I have not found scrapes but I was told, by a friend, he saw a buck chasing a doe on his place. The storm covered the ground with acorns. The hogs have stopped coming into my pastures. I am sure they are feasting on acorns.
    Good hunting and be safe,
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    I hunt state on Tawakoni, I seen lots of hunters but no deer. I went to the BOC DFW gathering, wich is about 3 miles from where I hunt and watched at least 20 deer graising in the grass in the evening!:confused2::eek:oooh::crazy:
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    We hunt near Trinity. This past weekend we didn't see a single deer. Lots of scrapes and some rubs already showing up. Tons of mosquitos. Lots of acorns on the ground from the huricane. My brother shot a 175 lb boar with 2" tusks. I saw 7 coyotes Sunday morning and killed 3 and missed 1 with my bow. The first one was at 33 yards, the other 2 were at 18 yards and I missed a chip shot at 25. Not sure what happend. I just blew it. To top it off we had 11 hogs in our big trap Sunday morning as well. It's sausage making time now. Hopefully now that we've done a little management we'll start seeing a few more deer. I don't know if I can afford to shoot any more coyotes with my bow. I lost one arrow and ruined 3 more broadheads.

    If your bow string is hitting your arm, you may consider adjusting your draw length and make sure the bow fits you. I know it probably hurts or stings but it's not supposed to hit your arm when you shoot. Your shooting will greatly improve once the adjustments are made. Go to an archery shop and have someone get you set up. It's well worth a few dollars to get the adjustments made and they are usually more than willing to throw in a little help and advice.