How and where to find carp

Discussion in 'Carp Fishing' started by Master Juggalo, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. Master Juggalo

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    West Virginia
    I know there is carp in a lake(Tygart) I fish father said there was and peoples caught them there before . Would anyone know where to look and how to find them? Thx
  2. bro_catfish

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    Ohio ,Coshocton County
    In Ohio there so darn many of them that if you have a bait they even half way want then they will find it
    Id be willing to say its the same in TX

  3. jim

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    Jacksonville NC
    The absolutely best way that I have ever found to catch Carp is to go fishing for any other species.:) They will find you.They are great sport and I have eaten them in Europe where they are considered great table fare.
  4. JMarrs328

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    York/Harrisburg, PA
    I definately suggest chumming, it is almost fool-proof!!!
  5. kspor

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    Wichita Kansas
    Look for Mulberry trees that overhang the water. Carp love sweet berries and will congregate below any small fruit tree. Corn is a great bait. If chumming is legal do so. Cheap cat food will bring them in and if you pick ones with holes in the middle you can thread a hook through them and hang on. I have seen them eating cottonwood seeds too. I have caught most of my carp on Corn though. Worms sometimes work and I have seen people use white bread. I have even caught some on garlic cheese trout bait and salmon eggs. Guess they are truelly omnivores.
  6. GrainDrain

    GrainDrain New Member

    When i see them they are always gulping the surface of the water. This old lady was feeding ducks with bread and the carp were coming like crazy. so i asked her for some bread and balled it up on a treble hook and threw it ringht below the ducks and sure enought after about four hits from the fish he finally hit the hook and man that was a fight.

    Other times when they are schooling up around the shore i will just throw the line and hook out with no bait and snag them. It is pretty hard to bring in the carp when the hook is in their back.

    But to answer your question just look around the shore and try to walk up on them real slow, I have seen people at the playa lakes around town fly fishing for them.