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How about them gas prices?

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Man it's getting crazy. I filled up one truck this morning-$54 and it had over 1/4 tank. Filled up my other truck and 2 gas cans this afternoon-$92. It's going to start affecting my fishing. One store I stopped at would only let you get $15 at a time, the next one made you prepay and I didn't know how much I was going to get so he wouldn't turn the stupid pump on, even when I offered to leave him my credit card. Like I would drive off and leave my CC with him. I finally got some at $3.28 a gallon. It was $3.40 at the first 2 stores anyway.
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It seems that everyone is a little panicked over the prices. I work for a MAJOR retailer/convenience store in Tulsa that pretty well controls the gas market prices and they're saying the margin (the amount we make over and above refinery and delivery prices) is the same now as it was a $1.79 a gallon. BTW, it's $3.05 here for regular unleaded. They seem to think this is a short-lived thing but won't give us a timeframe. I guess it depends on how rapidly the refining process gets back in gear.
I wasn't that worried about the price, just availability. Several places around here ran out today and had to close. They said tonight on the news that that pipelines are back up and running but only at about 25-35% capacity and expected 60% by tomorrow. I filled up everything I had in case it is a couple of weeks before we get anymore and in case it kept going up. I expect it will be $5 a gallon here before the weekend is over.
I Am Glad I Have Hondas.........mack......dont Feel Sorry For All The Hummers Here In Cary.......mack
There are a lot of Hummers in Cary! I used to work at Hendrick Chevrolet.
man the gas prices her in kansas is 3.09 for regular. I was listening to the radio, this morning at they said by the end of sept we could be at 5 dollars a gallon. Man oh man get the mopeds out and put along to work. hopefully the market will ease. But not soon enough.
We are at $3.59 at some places. I got 26 gallons yesterday at $3.28 and it was $92.
Here in jacksonville, some gas stations have put a 35.00 dollar limit on buying gas and one place has a 50.00 dollar limit.
In sanford the prices at the Citgo down the road are 2.89 now
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