How about lake oroville

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  1. kent k

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    I was wanting to know if any one has been fishing lake oroville? last time i went there and gave it a try,The lake was way down.They are still not holding the water yet,I gave it a try with some trout guts and liver and so on but no luck.Has any one been there? If so did you have any luck? Today is 3/30/06 please let me know there has to be some one out there that cat fishing there i hope.Going back soon and give it a try just a die hard hoping to get a big one some day,Going to use a boat soon if i not have any good luck from the bank.Well need to get some sleep have to plow snow in the morning later......kent
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    Ive never fished it myself but,the inlaws have and have had some succes unfortunately the one that had the spots just passed away without leaving his secrets behind.