Household appliances gone wild

Discussion in 'Other Repairs' started by FS Driver, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. FS Driver

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    i am haveing a rash of appliances here at my house that are starting to gang up on me
    first my washer and dryer are a matching set of hotpoint brand.
    the washer went out and a 13 dollar cam and a 2 dollar strap and i was back in business no labor cost as i did the repairs
    2-3 days after that the dryer ignighter went out!
    i forget how much 60-80 dollars and it was back in operation,again i did the repair.
    the washer a week or two after that developed a lovely habit of continueing to fill after it was supposed to be full and flooded out or laundry room more times than i care to mention or remember.
    (still aint figured that one out) we have to baby sit it through its cycles
    or it will do it again.
    then the dryer spoke up and started to make a very annoying screech like a belt squeel and then once in a while it would grab a garmet and pinch it inbetween the drum tumbler and rim and tear a nice little rip out of it and make a awefull noise.
    fortuanately it has quit that .
    now the stove a frigidaire with speed bake feature all of a sudden decides to start flippin out.
    it sometimes works fine other times it will take several hours to bake a 30 minute item and it also will sometimes skip the preheat and just goes right on and heats up with out the little audible alert.
    im thinking its in the brain (NOT MINE):lol: or computer part of it .
    any ideas would be appreciated.
    thanks darryl

    by the way the stove is about 3 years old the w/d are about7-8 yrs old.
  2. Mutt

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    Get a exercisiom done? lol aint got a clue good luck.

  3. catseeman

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    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Are they about 10 years old? Appliances are designed to last 10 years for commerical use. I figure residental for 2days after the warrenty expires.
    The water level gauge is malfunctioning onthe washer. It maybe a plastic tube cracked or lose.
    The dryer dum may sit on rollers that have gone bad.
    The stove has gremlins. they are know to be picky about
    I would check votage to range. It may have a loose connection from heat.
    Good luck, I went thru a frig, and a dryer last month. And still having transmition problems with my jimmy.
  4. Hootowlc3

    Hootowlc3 New Member

    On the stove check the nuts that fasten the electrical connections on the back of the stove.
  5. borntocatfish

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    NW ohio
    check the electric outlets they might be wired wrong in your house my sister is going though that right now she haviing it done a litttle at a time $$$$
  6. sairving

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    Fort Worth, Texas
    As they say when it rains it pours. That's my life.
  7. catfishjohn

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    Greenup Co. KY
    You never know,It could be them darn aliens...
  8. tncatfishing

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    clk. tn
    I had a drier that did that. My washing machine started acting up real bad and the repair man found a child sock that was stuck in the drain side. He said we needed to start using a washing bag for the socks, I thought a washing machine was suppose to wash clothes no matter the size. And my new refrigerator stopped making ice cause it was making the ice to thick, go figure.
  9. dreamer34

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    danville virginia
    make the washing machine into a bait tank
  10. Deltalover

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    Tracy Calif
    What is "planned obsolescence"? Any appliance over 10 years old is on the way out and is also costing you in wasted energy! If it's less then 10 years old, well those are lucky to last 5 years! Either way, you have to "bite the bullet"! My house is 10 years old and I am going through the same thing! Last time I bought a new washing machine, top of the line was about 400 bucks, now top of the line is 2400 bucks:crazy: and wont last 10 years!
  11. Georgiajack

    Georgiajack New Member

    I've experienced the same thing before too, but it was my own fault for not buying the best I could have. I was trying to get the "best buy" for the money. If they are getting a lot of age on them, and start acting up, I'll try once to fix them once. After that, I donate to a repair man for parts. Peace of mind is sometimes worth the price. Good luck, and good fishin', Jack.
  12. hear_kitty

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    Vassar Mi
    All of your appliances are jealous of you spending to much time on the computer.
  13. MRR

    MRR New Member

    Sounds like your fixin to spend a whole lot of $$$! No new fishin gear this year. Darn the bad luck.Some times its better to buy new and get rid of the headaches.
  14. bluejay

    bluejay Well-Known Member

    Napoleon, Mo.
    Bought present house 20 yrs. ago. All new appliances. Have changed rollers on dryer once and recharged air conditioner once. Other wise just normal maint. Sheep going to hit the fan one of these days.
  15. laidbck111

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    I think you nailed it. You can save a little money if you buy the sets like stove fridge and dishwasher all at one time. We got a new set from Sam's that had a 350 mail in rebate. Just a suggestion if you go to buy new stuff.