Hotspots for winter catfishing...

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    Valley City, Ohio
    I am relatively new to the board, and if this hasn't been discussed elsewhere, I'd like to know some of the best spots in SC for catfishing.

    I'd be heading down from Ohio when the ice is on up North ( January/February), and would welcome any help with where to go.

  2. jim

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    Probably the best spot will be Santee.During the winter the shad and Menhaden gather in front of the dams and the catfish follow.I would hire a guide for the best shot at learning your way around qiuckly and catching some fish.You don't say whether you have a boat or not.Be prepared for some cold weather.If you have a boat read some of the previous posts about Santee because it can become dangerous in a hurry if the wind kicks up.The average depth is only 12 ft and the deepest is about 50 so the waves come up instantly.Lots of info at

  3. Knockingbottom

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    Manning, SC
    Jims's right, many a 160 qt cooler will be filled right in front of the dam. The
    shad will be so thick you won't be able to see the bottom on your graph.
    It will be rough and cold, but I've seen pontoons with 16 rods out and 12 of
    them down. I agree hire a guide, I've lived local for 15 yrs and still have trouble patterning them.