Hot weather affects you dog

Discussion in 'Hunting Dogs Talk' started by blackhorse83, Jul 31, 2006.

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    Ok boys and girls don't forget to make sure your dogs have shade in these high temp. days and make sure they have plenty of clean cool water. I know we have all heard this before but, this is the time when they need it the most. I have been changing the water at least twice a day, and if I can get away at noon I drive home and change it then too. Don't forget them, they are your best friends!!
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    good post to take care of our pets

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    I have posted some pictures in my dog kennel talk thread that show some good ways to keep them cool! They may be hard to see but one is a mister system and the other is a licker for fresh water all the time. It is very important to take extra care during this time of year! Train as little as possible and if you do early in the morning or late in the evening. If you don't excercise them often be very careful as they will not handle alot of excercise very well in the heat if they are not use to it! Good post I couldn't agree more! Sent you some points for this one!
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    Good post Dog days of summer. When i was younger I had a shitzu that was a very gentle dog one summer it was real hot and a friend went to pet him and ended up biting him in the hand. Was the only time i ever seen the dog like that guess he just didnt wanted to be bothered in the heat.