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    Hot Springs, AR
    Any information on the diamond lakes needs to be in this thread :p
  2. truoble maker

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    I found that, for me, the best place for some nice big cat's are in Lake Quachita. I've been to lake Hamilton as well, didn't much care for the over populated areas,snotty rich kids on sea-do's that have no respect for fisherman and think that rushing up on you then turning off just before they run into you and/or your boat is all fun and games. Lake Quachita is a over all a nice big open water lake with nice big deep coves,deep water holes and the core of engineers will provide you with a map of the lake at request.I found this very helpful in navigation of the lake and water depths. For those that want a little public interaction, theres 27 Fishing Village,Wachita Resort, Mt.Harbor Condo and Resort and several other small mom and pop places all offering gas,fast food,tackle and bait and restourants.Mt.Ida is also nice little town for supplies before and after the big catfish extravaganza.

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    Pine Bluff, Arkansas
    Thanks for the info, Jon. Some people have no respect for fisherman. I always compromise and fish at nite. Never have fished those lakes very much. Just mainly crappie and bass, but do know there are some nice cats there
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    Sheridan, Ar
    I agree, Lake Quachita isa way better. lake hamilton is way to much or (rich) for me too
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    well i live in hot springs and i have to agree ouachital is better. but i vave also caught a lot of nice cat out of hamilton. and if you wat some info on where to fish hamilton go to atchleys out post on 7 south they can help you and you can get bait and any thing else you need for the trip. but one of my favorite places to fish ouachital is at the in take you can take and hook your boat up to the cable using a couple of carabiner clips and just drop your bait straight down its deep and becareful the striper like that area to. oh and lake cathrine is also a good lake to fish smaller and not as many people as hamilton and if you need shad you can just about get them year round at carpenter dam. well good luck and good fishing.