Hot Pepper Sauce Recipe

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    4 cups red tabasco peppers (or your pepper of choice)
    1-1/3 cup white vinegar
    2/3 cup water
    1 TBSP + 1 TSP finely chopped garlic
    1 TBSP + 1 TSP sea salt or non-iodized table sauce

    Combine ingrdients in stainless steel pot and simmer over medium heat until very soft, stirring occasionally. Remove and mash with a potato masher. Press through sieve to discard seeds and skins. If this is too thick, add vinegar and salt to consistency.

    Can in sterilized jars (I use 4 oz jelly jars) in hot water bath for 35 minutes. Seal and store in a dark place for three months. After opening, store in refrigerator.

    As I mentioned, practically any pepper is ok, I have also used cayenne and jalapeno
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    Grenada MS
    Thanks Ill give it a try got plenty Tabasco peppers

  3. festus

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    It's well worth it. The only drawback is this pepper sauce will separate, but all you have to do is shake it to get the color back.

    I grew so many tabascos in 2008 I didn't have to this year. Pickled some of them whole and made a few jars of hot sauce. I've never attempted to make hot pepper jelly, but I sure like it. Jalapenos are probably best for that.
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    Glad you posted. I was searching all the recipe webs just a few weeks ago for just such a recipe. I know someone here has posted one before,But I cant seem to find it. I had about 5 lbs of red jalapenos given to me ,I finally chunked em in the trash,I couldn't eat em before they went bad,And I didn't want to pickle em,not real fond of jalapenos pickled.The recipes I did find all had to have an enormous amount of TOMATOS ,Which I didn't have.:wink:
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    I don't care much about pickled red Jalapenos, but I sure like the green Jalapenos pickled. Usually I'll slice some to pickle, dice some and deseed to pickle, then pickle some whole. Ain't all that fond of chipotle, which is I understand is roasted and peeled red Jalapenos which have been smoked.

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    rich. i eat a jar of pickeled jalapenos a week. seriously.

    i got 2 5lb 13 oz cans a while back. ate them inside a month.:crazy:

    that last post i made in diner. theres a jar sitting on the stove by my roasts.:big_smile:

    i got a bush now full of red and green tobasco peppers. might try this. may add a ghost pepper to the pot. have a few dozen of these.