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    Let's start the thread by saying there is a growing population of channel cats on the chain. They were interduced about 15 years ago. Many people thought they were a bad idea including me! Fishing walleye and panfish all my life it was a bit of a no brainer to interduce a new hunter to eat the baitfish that my favorite game fish eat. OOOOH nice walleye crap it's a small catfish. In 2004, fishing panfish caught a 7 pound channel on a ul 4lb test that was fun. In 2005 walleye fishing caught a 10lb cat. What a rookie i was , did you ever stick just your thumb in a big cat to grap them like a bass ,don't it hurts!!!!!!!!! to make it simple it's fun and lets talk about whats going on on the chain about cats.I will always fish walleye and panfish but i know there are going to be 15lb or better cats to catch! Let's share tips on the chain keep the thread going with Q and A