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Discussion in 'Bass Fishing' started by CatfishHateMe, Apr 6, 2008.

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    went fishin with a buddy today at J.I. Case to see if some crappie or redear were bitin. i was in the back of his 12' jon and he was up front and i was leaned up front riggin up another rod and i looked over and i go "where the hell did my bobber go" and i looked at my 10 foot cane pole and it was doubled over so i grabbed it and went to pull in a nice little crappie or bluegill since we were fishin around 6 or 7 old standing trees out in the middle of a bunch of brush with a little jig and a foam bobber, i wasnt expecting anything like this. i had the privilege to fight him for about 20 seconds and try and tire him down, when he finally came up to the side of the boat i see this huge bass pushing 8 or 9 pounds EASY, im a fisherman but i will put this on my truck on how big it was. and he did a roll and then he was gone. i guess the jig was just to small to hook him good. i have the same feeling i get when i see a nice buck that i dont get a shot at or sumthin of that type and man do i hate it. i know where he lives tho and im fishin that this summer, hopefully i can catch his daddy or granddaddy
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    Dang that hurts:cry:atleast you have had one on yer line I have failed miserably and yet to catch even a glimpse of one unless it was someone else chucking em in there truck:confused2:

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    Ive had it happen man so I know how you feel. I was fishing for crappie 2 years ago with jigs and spoons, and I hooked into a 20lb carp on ultra light tackle :crazy:. I fought him for what seemed like an eternity until he finally came loose right at the boat.