Hornady blew my mind. WOW

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    Well I bought a hornady lock and load progressive loader. It had a 1000 free bullet offer. I found the press at Natchezz for 367.00. I figured 10 boxes of 100 round bullets would cost me 20.00 a box so this was a great deal.

    I let the loader sit around for several months and did not send the offer in yet as it was good till dec of this year. On July 23, 2009 I sent my paperwork in for the free bullets. I had to pay the shipping that was about $27.00. On August 06, 2009 here they are on my door step. It had a shipping weight of 21 lbs. HAHAHA Talk about customer service when the ammo market is in such demand. All I can say is Hornady steped up to the plate on customer service. If it says Hornady on it, you have some of the best. I encourage you to trade with this company when the need arises.
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    Hornady makes the best bullets for hunting I have ever used. If the box says 130 grain bullet, you can bet the farm that every one will weigh 130 grains. Some companies have a + or - variance of up to 10 grains. That stinks.
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    If it doesn't say Hornady on the box, it's not going in my deer rifle.
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    Those Norma Partitions aren't half bad. I bought a .243 barrel for an encore and gave it to my son as his first deer rifle when he was 12. My opinion a 243 is a tad light for whitetails but I wanted a light recoil gun for my son. I bought the partitions as I had heard good things about them. On the range my son gets an occasional 1/2 group at 100 yards. I only wish the Norma Partions didn't cost so much but man do they shoot straight and kill a deer clean.