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  1. wiskeredwarrior101

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    Whats size/type do you all use and how do you set up your bait if you could include pictures that would be great. I'm more of a blue cat guy out here on the james but in Iowa where i go every summer im always behind on flattie technology ive used circle hooks in the past but dont seem to do the trick quite like they do on the blues. Whats the trick?~nick
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    i use circles for flatheads and blues. the trick is to let a flathead load up longer. i prefer to not use my baitclicker on flatties either. i have had blues smash a bait when i had the clicker going, and the fish hit so hard it set the hook while the clicker was on. as summer progresses, my flathead bites get lighter and lighter. they will hit a bait and crush it viciously, but moving off they are slow. this is where it pays to not have the clicker on. i use 7/0 vmc octopus circles on a carolina rig, but you can go way bigger. good luck this summer!