Hooks for Flathead catfish

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by FlatGetter, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. FlatGetter

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    I have used a few different hooks but i have not found any im satisfied with. I have used Eagle Claw 084 at the beginning of last season. I heard Mustad (I think it is) 92764 is good. Ive used Daiichi Meat Hooks. I have used Mustad Hoodlum. I like the Owner Offshore, and Gamakatsu Octopus even though i have nver used them.Any one have any hooks that they thought worked well for presenting live bait.
  2. Jroc777

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    Evansville, IN
    I have had my best luck with large gamakatsu circle hooks. I personally like circle hooks as opposed to J hooks for live bait presentation.

  3. s_man

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    south east ohio
    Gamakatsu octopus! I use 10/o for all my flathead fishing. I bought 8s, 9s, and 10s a few years ago and I still have tons of 8s left not many 9s or 10s. The 8s are just too small for the size baits I prefer. I'm gonna forgo the 9s alltogether this year cause I just don't need that intermediate size.
    I have found that the octopus should be used almost like a circle hook. Let the fish "load up" on the rod before setting the hook. You still have to hook him but if you set before he loads up you'll pull the hook out of his mouth. I lost alot of fish before I learned that trick. I like the sharpness and strength of these hooks,never had any kind of failure in that regard.
  4. flatcatnightmare

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    I agree with S man , I use the Gammas 10/0 and definately let the fish load the line .
  5. river scum

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    hooterville indiana
    i use smaller bait than some, so 7/0 eagal claw 84s are what i use. my bait (gills) are only up to the 5 inches. if you use larger baits then you need a bigger gap. as for circle hooks i havent any thing bad to say about them but they just dont fit my kind of fishing. its best to have a sturdy rod holder and to leave the reel engaged while useing them. they are also hard to get used to if your used to setting the hook 30 years. lol old dog new trick thing.
  6. JAinSC

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    put first name
    I prefer the Eagle Claw L144. I snell them to my 80 pound Big Gamne leader material. I also use smaller hooks than a lot of people: 2/0 to at most 5/0. The 4/0 is probably my favorite, depending on bait size. Those hooks are plenty big enough when nose hooking a bluegill or redbreast sunfish of 4 to 6 inches. A bit bigger (like a nice jumbo 7 or 8 inch bream) and the 5/0 is perfect. I don't want to go any bigger on the hook, because I'm convinced it would just weigh down the bait stopping it from swimming around and killing it quicker.

    By the way - you can fish the Kahles like a circle hook. Just let the rod load up so the cat hooks himself - in the jaw every time. Can also set the hook like a J hook if you prefer, just make sure the line is tight to the fish first.
  7. SangamonCatKiller

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    central illinois
    Christopher, you know you ain't tying no circle hooks on there now are ya'. Them O'shagnausy hooks were good but, not a long term solution. I will most likely look to the gamakatsu line this year, so long as it aint round!
  8. Hooked-on-cats

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    We've been using several circle hook and focused on Gamakatsu last fall. They performed well in moving water but we found that in slack water we were'nt getting the best performance. I have heard from people I work with at Bass Pro that the Daiichi Circle Chunk light will perform good anywhere. I ordered a few 7/0 through www.bleedingbaithooks.com and they look real promising. They have a good angle and a bait stop to keep bait from sliding.
  9. JAYNC

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    Newport N.C.
    I use gamakatsu 7/0 octopus hooks, they are the best hooks that fit me. I never could just let the fish load up the pole and start reeling, to me the best part of fishing is setting the hook. As for the hooks they are the strongest and sharpest for the money that I have found.
  10. BIGBASS3638

    BIGBASS3638 New Member

    it depends on bait size a circle hook is the best for me.
  11. Drum Andersen

    Drum Andersen New Member

    I use Mustad Big Gun Catfish Hooks.
  12. slimcat

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    marion kentucky
    Its hard to beat a 10/0 eagle claw king kahle.
  13. beaneye46

    beaneye46 New Member

    my favorite has to be a 7/0 gamatsu circle hook. i bought some daiichi of the same size which look good. the sharper the better i think
  14. barbel

    barbel New Member

    I have used ALL sorts of hooks. I have used gamakatsu octopus hooks at 2/0 and 6/0 sizes (although I will shortly order some 8/0), gama. octopus circles in 2/0 and 8/0, eagle claw kahle hooks and circles (although dont know the exact number), some weird thing made by eagle claw, baitholders made by gama and eagle claw, mustad octopus in 6/0, and even a bass hook. I have to say that for flatheads, I cant find anything better than a 6/0 (or bigger) gamakatsu octopus hook. I like the idea of setting the hook, and it seems to crunch the bait down some if it needs to be so you get the barb in there. Almost everything else I use 4/0 or 8/0 gama circles. 4/0 for bullheads and channels when using livers, and 8/0 for everything else. That was just my two cents.

    P.S. I like to snell any hooks that have a turned eye. It helps in pulling the hook in the right direction.

  15. Ravensmavsfan

    Ravensmavsfan New Member

    Try 4/0 true turns, or any large circle hook.
  16. dinkbuster1

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    well, i may be out of the norm by a longshot but i use a mustad 5/0 "worm" hook that bass fishermen use for plastic worms. they resemble a very large crappie hook. the only time i use circles are when im channel fishing in current. for flats i have tried them all....circles, octopuss, kahle, wide-gap, short/long shank, 2-3-4x strong, etc. gamma's, owners, eagle claws, daichi's, pretty much everything in any style or size. when i flat fish on bottom or by float i like the point to be straight up, not off-set or slightly curved to the shank, a true "J" shape. not saying any other hook or style is any worse but these "bass" hooks work the best for me, i rarely ever miss a fish with them and have never had a fish bend one. and theyre very cheap by the hundred.:D
  17. 5gallonsofsafety

    5gallonsofsafety New Member

    ive used the o84s their alright but i like i slight reverse offset so since last year ive used gamakatsu ocatpus 8/0 im checkin into the diachi meat hook this year though (still gonna use octapus) howerever i would like to see the hookset ratio with a shorter shank
  18. Catchinbiguns

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    Kansas City, Ks
    I also am a firm beliver in Gama, Octopus hooks.
  19. center12

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    Heck, I'll fall in line..........Gama Octopus in a 9 or 10/0 are my favorite flathead and bluecat hook on the rivers. For channels in the current I like a Gama Circle. Sometimes these old KS Flatheads just grab your bait and lay there and swallow it............the rod don't load up till your gut hooked fish swims off!! Sometimes you just NEED a hook you can set.
  20. flathunter

    flathunter New Member

    I have used mainly 8/0 circle hooks in the past..I just bought some 8/0 king kahle hooks I plan on trying this year.