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Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by rocknfish9001, Jun 13, 2007.

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    I am new to the sport, and need some help.... badly. Me and a buddy were using bluegills from 5-6", give or take and inch, and we would get these wicked strikes about every 20 minutes or less. We tried everything, setting the hook as soon as the rod bowed over, setting the hook after a couple of bows, freespooling and giving line to the fish, and even just letting the fish tug at the rod for a while, waiting for it to hook itself. We caught 2 cats and a gar. The first cat wasnt even hooked, it just got the bluegill wedged into its mouth so well, that it couldnt spit it out. The other was hooked solid, and the gar wasnt hooked, but got the line wrapped around its mouth. Now the last cat, which was also the bigger of the 2, about 6-7lbs, was hooked using the baitclicker on his baitcaster (i dont know why he didnt use it earlier) I dont have a baitclicker on my reel, keep that in mind. What do you suggest i do to hook these fish, or do you think its possible that they are gar. Would a quick strike, or stinger hook be sensible? We hooked the bluegills either in the tail, back, head, belly, and pretty much everywhere in between. We went through about 20 'gills.
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    I would bet that the fish were gar, or just small channels. Any flathead over 5lbs will not have any trouble engulfing your bait. Add that to the fact that you went thru all those gills with no flats and well you get the idea. Gar love live bait and are near impossible to hook, if its channels use some smaller pieces of cut bait and see if you catch any. For flats I get to the rod as soon as the clicker goes off and engage the reel then let him load up till I think he's gonna bust my pole then I just sweep the rod back, and set towards the end of the swing, hard!

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    Had some limb lines out one night years ago, and when we checked them at 10:00 PM we found most of the hooks up on or drapped over the limbs.
    Shined the light ahead of us and watched a gar tug and tug on the gill until the hook pulled out, flying up around the limb. God I hate Gars.
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    buy a reel with a clicker!!!! THere is no better way!!!