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  1. Lsanders

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    Clarksville, Ar
    I try to fish for big blues and big blues only. I havnt had any luck in a while im getting some good pullovers but missing alot of big fish. Im using eagle claw #8 or #10 circle sea eagle claw hooks. My question is why am I missing the really big ones.
  2. flatheadslayer

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    cause you need to use j hooks.7/0 tru turn.

  3. ccat

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    I have used a lot of 8/0 Gamakatsu circle and octopus hooks in the past and had very good luck, but now just use Team Catfish 5/0 and 8/0 double action circle hooks. They hook and hold. You really ought to get you a pack of 8/0 hooks from Team Catfish (BOC sponser) and see what all the fuss is about. They really work great.
    If you are missing a lot of fish when they are pulling it down, are you reeling down with it? Some people just lift the rod on the pull down which isn't always the best thing.
    I always reel down when the rod is pulled down to take up the slack that might still be there, especially when the bait is deep.
    Try meeting the fish with a really fast reel and see what happens. Those blues on the river won't know what hit them.
    Also, make sure you aren't loading up the hook with too much shad. Sometimes the fish don't want a big bunch of shad. Just keep the hook point clean and have room in the gap of the hook for it to penetrate the jaw of the fish.
    hope this helps.
  4. Jeremy Sheffey

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    go to a GAMA off set circle hook and you will not have as big an issue with it.... the offset point really makes a difference... Gamas are really sharp too, like night and day to the eagle claws.

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    Try the sickle hooks from Wildwolf products on here. They are razor sharp and hold well! I hardly ever miss a fish with them!
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    Larry, welcome to the BOC/SOC :cool2:, best catfishing site on the web! Be sure to check out the library, a lot of good info in there.

    If you are using #8 and #10 then you are using too small of a hook for big blues. If you mean 8/0 to 10/0 then the hook size is fine but the eagle claw circles are the worst circle hooks made in my opinion. I agree with Chris, the 8/0 team catfish double action hooks are a great catfish hook. When baiting, make sure you are leaving the gap open and are not jerking hard or you will miss a lot of fish. We have the best results by reeling down on a hooked fish. Hope this helps get ya started in the right direction.