Hook sizes?

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  1. coble9

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    Just wondering what hook sizes you guys are using for medium sized channel cats. I have been using tru-turn 2/0, and I think I need to go bigger. I am thinking about maybe 4/0. Is that abought right. I don't really mind being bait theived by the ten inchers, but don't want to miss the 15"+ ones. Also I have never caught a flat head and am thinking about getting a few like 6/0 and using live bluegill. Is that abought right? Thanks, Pat
  2. PhillyCatcatcher4

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    I prefer a 5/O or 6/O circle baited with stink bait or live or dead chubb. When fishing for channels this works pretty well for me. :0a26:

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    Hi Pat and a BIG OLD IOWA Welcome to the BOC.There are several different choices you can use and also different thoughts to which are the best.So this is My 2 cents,I prefer to use Kahalie hooks in the 4/0 to 8/0 size.For me its the best of both worlds as I like to cross there eyes when I set the hook.and I seldom have a fish swallow the Hook,or I can let them load the rod up and set it them self.depending on the size of the bait I am useing this determines the size of Hook to use,and always remember to keep the hook exposed as catfish are not hook shy.I hope this helps. Good luck My Friend now go catch a Big UN.J.D.
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    Earlier this year I was using 5&6/0 circles hoping to catch bigger fish than what I was catching, but it turned out that the eaters were rarely missed on these sizes. With a 6/0 you can get good eaters plus a 40lb flatty like my good friend TheGavel did in one outing. Hope it helps.
  5. griz

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    I use two sizes of hooks, 7/0 and 10/0 kahles. I have caught catfish from 1lb channels to 50lb flatheads on the 7/0 kahles, to me it is an all around good size hook for most catfishing.