Hook size - Mainly Fish the mississippi river.

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by dodge man 79, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. dodge man 79

    dodge man 79 New Member

    Sabula Iowa
    I fish the mississippi river for channals mostly what size hook would you suggest and kind will they work for flats and blues to ?
  2. bigsammy

    bigsammy New Member

    Poteau ok
    Dodge man here in Ok I use 7-8/0 circles fer trot lines or jugs.8/0 or bigger kahles fer cut bait and 1/0 trebs fer punch bait.Ive caught channels,blues and flats.Far as the brand, eagle claw when Im on a budget and diatchi's or gamatsu's if I'm not.Welcome to the boc bro.There is a lot of info about yer question.Use the search and see what comes up.Glad to have ya around!:cool:

  3. JimF

    JimF New Member

    Rule of thumb, You must match the bait size to the size of fish you are trying to catch, then you must match the hook size to the bait. You can't have large bait and small hook or small bait and large hook. For cannel cats I use 3/0 to 5/0 hook. Eagle Claw or Gamakatsu. You have to find the brand & type that works for you. I would say you should try some kahle or octopus hooks. I personally don't like circle hooks, but they may work for you.
  4. tncatfishing

    tncatfishing New Member

    clk. tn
    Get an assortment of different style hooks and sizes, from j hooks, circles, etc. I usualy will use circle hooks and true turn hooks from 7/0 on up depending on bait size and what I am targetting. For me the tru turns work best with cut bait and usualy circles and j hooks for live bait.
  5. TNcat

    TNcat New Member

    I know this topic will vary from person to person, but I use the 4/0 Khale almost exclusively. There are alot of people who use a lot larger hook, but I really like how the khale hook holds cut bait. I like the design of the Khale in general.
  6. jerrydean

    jerrydean New Member

    What JimF said...match your hook to your bait size to what you're trying to catch. I use 2/0 & 3/0 mustad stainless steel hooks J hooks for my trotlines. My target fish is 1 lb to 5 lbs, but have caught countless numbers of 20 to 40 lbs fish on them.
  7. photocat

    photocat New Member

    HOCO, Maryland
    I'd agree with JimF... Match the bait to the fish and the hook to the bait...

    Hook size really only matters for the bait size anyway... i've seen (and caught) 3-5# fish (typically ba$$) on a size 8 (not 8/0, and 8) when fishing for bluegils and Trout fishermen will use down to a size 30 or 32 sometimes (basically you need a microscope to tie it on to the hook) and they catch 20 +inch trout and everything on them.

    I've also caught tiny bluegills on size 2/0 hooks and 3/0 hooks where they almost have to suck the point in point first and then turn to the hook around somehow to get hooked... So you'll have no problem hooking fish pretty much what ever size hook you use... If your missing alot of strikes, the fish are either small and aggressive or biting very lightly and just mouthing it and spitting it out before you get to it... or your hooks are turning back into the bait... which means you need to get slightly larger hooks or reposition where your putting the hook in the bait... for cutbait i 95% of the time hook it in the corner...
  8. Desperado

    Desperado Active Member

    Pataskala, Ohio
    I agree with matching the bait to the hook. I fish for channels in the lakes and rivers and use a 6/0-7/0 circle hook. If you never tried them, do it. It will change the way you fish.
  9. vlparrish

    vlparrish New Member

    Bedford, Kentucky
    Trent, in the last fifteen months or so there has only been one hook tied on the end of my cat rods. That is the 5/0 eagle claw J-hook. I can regularly purchase them in a box of fifty at any walmart in the area for less than five dollars a box. Also I have caught six inch blues to fifty pound blues on them and channels and flatheads of all sizes between them. It is the only catfish hook that I need or want. I have used baits from nightcralwers to small threadfin shad to hand size bluegill(hooked whole live) and 10 inch baitfish. They have been very successfull with all sorts of cutbait also. Vern
  10. slabmaster

    slabmaster New Member

    like someone said everyones opinion will vary here. for eatin size channels1-4 lbs i like a 2/0 eagle claw snelled bait saver hook.for larger channels i like 3or 4/0 khale. for blues and flatheads i like 7/0 to 10/0 khales . i use these hooks on rod and reel with cut bait or live . mostly shad
  11. balddaddy91

    balddaddy91 New Member

    East Liverpool,Oh
    I Prefer 8/0-9/0 Khale Hooks
  12. RiverOtter

    RiverOtter New Member

    The Mississippi is the main place i catfish. When I fish for channels i like to use 6/0 Gamakatsu hooks. Depending on what size fish I'm goin for. If I'm goin for 1-5 pounders (eatin size) I use smaller bait and 4/0 hooks. If I just want the "big one" I go with atleast 6/0 sometimes bigger with bigger bait. But i believe 6/0 hooks is an all around good size.