Hook Placement on Bait

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by dwreel, May 9, 2006.

  1. dwreel

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    Southern Pines, NC
    Can ya'll tell me under what conditions a bait fish should be hooked in the mouth or in the back? Surely it must make a difference, like under a bobber or on the bottom. I flat out don't know.

  2. IL Hunter

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    Normal, IL
    When I fish off the bottom which is just about always. I hook the baitfish through the lips when I use live bait. It seems to work for me fishing on the river.

  3. blackhorse83

    blackhorse83 New Member

    I usually use 3 poles and start buy hooking all three differently to see how they like'em that day and then adjust to whats working, just like some days they like bait on the bottom and the next day they might like it a foot or so off the bottom.
  4. AwShucks

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    Guthrie, Oklaho
    You know there are old wives tales and there is old wives tales. I have always heard that a flat head will hit the bait first to kill it, then it will mouth it a few minutes/seconds, as though scaling the perch. Then it decides to eat it or forget it. If this is true or not, I have no idea...but it has caused me to always hook live perch through the lips. I have had a lot of success in the past with hook ups, and have only missed a few. The hook ups I have had was in the jaw, which indicates the fish had not completly swallowed the bait. I'm quite sure there are more experienced flathead catmen who will get on the thread and tell you how they do it... then you just have to figure out which way will work for you. lol
  5. paleocaver

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    If I'm anchored and fishing in current, I'll hook bait through the lips to keep them straight and prevent twisting. Even dead whole bait looks like its swimming when hooked this way in current.

    In a dead-water situation, I hook them through the tail to let them struggle a little.
  6. s_man

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    south east ohio
    The last 2 years I've started hooking all my baits in the mouth and out through the top behind a nostril. I fish rivers mainly, I started diong it because I can cast them farther without them coming off and they don;t wallow out the hook while struggling like when hooked in the tail. They also don't seem to be injured this way so they stay alive longer and struggle more.
  7. chubbahead

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    It depends on what kind of waters you are fishing and what kind of bait you are using.

    When fishing with live chubs, I always hook them through the top lip. They seem to stay alive a lot longer that way.

    When fishing with bluegill, it depends. If I'm fishing in a lake, I always hook them behind the dorsel fin. Bluegills, I find, are tougher than chubs and can stand that hook location. I always use a float in a lake too.

    When fishing with bluegill in the river, and it is currenty, I hook them in the top lip. If you hook them in the dorsil fin in current, they will die pretty quickly. I think the current holds there gills open and suffocates them. Hooking them in the lip will allow them to hold a better position in the current for breathing.
  8. treddinwater

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    Indianapolis, Indiana
    I pretty much stick with the same hook placement every time, I always hook them behind the dorsal fin near the tail, avoiding the organs and spine. It seems to keep the bait live long enough, and it's very effective under a bobber because then the fish is swimming naturally under the bobber, but still has that wounded gimp to it.:big_smile:
  9. bluehunter

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    Los Angele
    I pretty much stick my bluegill and other fish around that size through the lips. On the other hand when i am fishing goldfish, I stick them behind the dorsal fin as it keeps them giving more action I have found.
  10. cathunter28

    cathunter28 New Member

    i hook all my bait in the lip for two reasons. first flathead will eat from head to tale so i want to have the hook at the first place he is going to go. for the second if i hook in the tale i run the risk of the bait getting pulled of and it has to have the bait in its mouth all the way to get a good hook set. that is my opin. and that is what has worked for me ever sine i could hold a fishing rod in my hand. so good luck to all
  11. Raypo

    Raypo New Member

    Well, I always hook my livebait through the nostrils. I think they get more movement that way its more likely to miss a fish is the down side.
  12. SunburntAgain

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    Tulsa, OK
    my personal preference...through the top lip if in current so your bait dosnt spin, and just behind the dorsal fin in slack current because I believe the baitfish has a little more freedom of movement to attract a big flathead or curious blue
  13. river scum

    river scum New Member

    hooterville indiana
    well dick,i see im still the minority on hook placment on here. i have been at it a good while and threw trial n error this is what i came up with,and why.

    in heavy current: i hook my bait in the forhead. any time you fish current the bait needs to be hooked so its lookin up stream. this will keep them alive mutch longer. second the forhead has alot of meat to hold onto for a good cast.

    mild current or slack water: i hook my bait threw the anal fin. again there is more meat to hold onto. second this lets the bait struggle in a more natural uprite position.

    on a float: i hook my bait just under and behind the dorsal fin. this again keeps the fish in a more natural position.

    one more thing thats caught me more flatheads than any hook placment. try cutting your (live!) fish in half. when we dont get a hit on live bait we cut. cut bait caught most of the fish last year for us by far! when they arent in the mood to chase they will hit an easy meal tossed in there face.

    good luck to you this year dick!
    catch n release all the big ones so next year they are there to catch!!!