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Hook Off-Sets ??

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I've always just bought a hook for it's style or size. I just recently noticed that a lot of hooks have some sort of offset. Just wanted to know other people's opinions on which type of hook is better.

1. straight hooks
2. off-set hooks
3. reverse off-set hooks
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Good question. I've wondered that, too. Also, what is reverse offset?
An offset hook gives an advantage to the hook. With the point bein offset to the side the chances of it hittin home and not gettin stuck in the bait are good. Up here ya can't use em for 4 months in the river due to the striper run.
Assuming your talking about the point and not the shank, I found the offset point gives a much better hookup rate.
I am asking about the point, not the shank or eye. As for what a reverse off-set is, hold the hook straight, eye up top, looking across the point to the shank, the hook point turns to the left. A normal off-set, the hook point will turn to the right.
Holding the hook like the last post said, Reverse is to the left and Kirby is to the right. It is usually described on the hook packaging and in catalogs with no pictures
These off sets can also cause the bait to spin while drifring or in current. They do seem to hook the fish better in many cases, especially still and float fishing with the smaller sizes.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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