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Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by CopeMan, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. CopeMan

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    Hey yall just got a new boat and would like some input. Im on a very tight budget and need to make some good solid rod holders. I want some on the back and sides. Similar to drift masters maybe. Does anyone know how to make em? Also ideas for storage or baittanks. Thanks to all
  2. seokfisherman

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    I would suggest searching the BOC library. It contains different ideas on lots of different subjects that may fit your needs.

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    Gray, GA
    if you go to the Members Library, you will find a wealth of information on rod holders, live wells, bait tanks, etc. On down you will find a section on boats, including modification journals. Read through these and see if anything fits what you are looking for. I just made some rod holders for bank fishing and can already tell you, use at least 1/2 rod. The 1/4 inch stuff does not hold up, and I have been told, that 3/8 inch is not much better. Good luck, now post a picture of that boat and let's see it. Be sure to cover the registration and tag numbers.:crazy::eek:oooh::wink: