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hook for hair/bolt rig and boilie needle...?

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I've been researching these two rigs for carp fishing, and have a question.

Seems that the majority of the online articles mention using very small hooks (size 8 or 10) with medium to short shank lengths.

I'm having trouble finding anything in that size range that is made from a heavy enough wire to confidently land a decent-sized carp. Most are made of very fine wire or have long shanks (like an Aberdeen).

The best option at this point seems to be the Mustad Walleye/Salmon hook at BPS. It's X-strong and forged.

Any other suggestions?

Also, anyone know where you can buy a boilie needle for baiting a hair rig?


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I haven't researched the carp sites for some time now. The supplier I had, went out of business. I still have the boilie needle, but anymore I use it mainly to get rid of birdsnests in my casting reel. LOL

I have used salmon egg hooks made by Gamogatsy (sp), and they worked out just fine. They also make circle hooks down to #4 I believe. They are quite strong for their size.

There are several members here who fish for carp, I am sure one of them can answer your questions better than me.
I use Eagle Claw hooks, baitholder or plain, forged #8 and have landed carp to 25 # with no hook problems. In a pinch, when I can't get #8, I will use readily available #6. A thin crochet needle will work well as a boilie needle. Both are easily available at Walley World. Aberdeen and similar lite wire hooks will not work well on carp. If you want to locate specialized carp fishing gear (not needed IHMO) try Wacker in Chicago:

Good luck
You can make bollie needle by straiting out a jig hook & fileing down the barb some. Or use a very small crochey hook ;)
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