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Hook and leader storage

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I made a little rig to carry my pre-tied hook rigs on.I use carolina rigs,and as you know you have to tie 3 times every time you lose a rig.I'll post a photo of it this evening to show you all.It could be a big help to some people that fish river banks.I use it, and it really saves alot of tying time. Pvc.pipe,paper clips and a few rubber bands,thought it may be of use.I'll get it posted today.
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use a 2 foot peice of PVC,Take about 12 paperclips and unfold them and tape them to one end of the PVC.Then tie all your rigs. Run a rubber and through the swivel,loop it and hang it on the paperclip then pull the hook down to the other end of the PVC and hook it.Works great and you can keep different leader lenghts and hook sizes.I just thought someone may benefit from it.The picture isn't great ,but you can get the idea :D


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Thanks alot man. I like that idea and as slow as I tie, it will definately save me some fishing time at the lake, lol. Great idea!
Thats great, Im gonna make one for myself. Thanx for sharing.
Mudhole Kid, that's a great idea. They sell those here in our local almost have some tackle store for abot 30 bucks. You should post that here: and share it with everyone. Great post!!
Excellent idea Mudhole Kid! I've been racking what little brain I have left looking for just such an idea. I like to tie leaders ahead of time myself & could never find a really good idea/way to carry them without massive tangles. :0a24:
Great Idea

I usually tie a few extra leaders to connect ot the swivel. They always get tangled and I can usually tie another leader by the time I untangle everything.
I like to change out leaders after a few fish, so this will come in very handy.

How do I give a good rep point? You deserve em. LOL :)
I'll try to transfer it over.Thanks :D
EXCELLENT post......Thanks
I just bought something like that , it works great. It is a rig bucket. The top has cuts in it, and the side has cuts in it. The bottom of it is a tray that will keep the rigs from getting tangled. It helps when you can tie rigs while at home watching football or something, because when I fish I hate not having lines in the water while tying rigs. No matter which way you keep them separated is fine, Mudhole Kid's idea is better than mine though because he probably only spent a couple dollars instead of paying 30 like me.
Great idea, thanks. Deffinetly a lot less cumbersome than my board is, or was. Board is free if anyone would like it. LMAO
That's a slick gadget. I use a hunk of water noodle--those long things kids get to play in the pool. I sink the hook barb, wrap the leader around the noodle, then secure the end of the leader with Romex staples. It's cheap, squishy, floats and you can make them any length you want, but it doesn't keep the leaders nice and straight.
Speaking of floating.I filled mine full of Great Stuff foam last week and it floats like a champ.Add that to the making.
That looks pretty slick.

I've always just used a hunk of cardboard - stick the hook in one edge, wrap the line around the cardboard and cut a little slit in the edge of the cardboard to tuck the loop end of the leader into. Works fine and doesn't cost a thing.

Yours might be a little more compact though - those pieces of cardboard tend to spread out all over my tackle box... :p
I really like that idea.. I will make a couple up for me and granddad. Thanks
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