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Hooiser BOC Challange

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I just returned from CONNERSVILLE IN.which is my hometown,while i was there i started contacting some of my old fishing buddys.i started telling
about the BOC and handing out cards,i only had 15 cards with me they were
gone in 2 days.i think we will have some new blood applying soon.I may be
in florida but im still an old hoosier hillbilly at heart.about 1 more hurricane
and im out of here,my boat is still in indiana in my son in laws garage waiting
on far as the membership drive lets show every one how many die hard
fishermen we have up that way.can we do it??? you bet we can. Contact me through the board. CAPT.KIRK
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What's up Kirk? That's awesome to hear of some potential new members that you referred. Good job man and keep it up!!
Cool, whats a hooiser? :D I think i am going to print up some of those flyers and put them down at the river front where everyone fishes.
What flyers are you talking about? I'd like to do my part if something has been organized. Please advise.
Thanks rodpod! I appreciate the heads up. I now have a mission!
Cap ure not a Mathews are U. I am originally from Connersville.
no skippy my last name MATTHEWS not MATHEWS and i have a son jeff
matthews and a daughter lori matthews,you may know jeff he is missing
his right hand from a press accident.he was a bartender at the moose
lodge for several years. :cool:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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