Honda 40hp Tiller

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    I just bought a boat with a 2004 Honda 4 stroke tiller steer motor. The motor is super clean and has barely been used. However, it has trouble starting and running at idle. Probably the carbs, but I was wondering if changing the spark plugs and getting new fuel and new fuel lines would possibly help. He didn't have a fuel water separator on it, and just the fact that it hasn't been ran much leads me to believe that it may need some carb work done. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.
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    A buddy had the same issues with his Merc and he put a new water trap on, new plugs and then ran some seafoam thru it and it purrs now. That is where I would start before breaking into the carbs.

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    You can try the fuel additives to clean the carbs, and it might work.

    Is it a built in tank on the boat?

    If so, has it been cleaned out?

    Definately get a fuel water seporator for when you clean out the gas tank and get the engine running good again. You don't want to run trash though the engine.