Homemade sinkers

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    Well i got alittle bored at work last night. As i was walking around the warehouse i was thinking of a way to save some money on tackle. I was trying to come up with a way to make my own sinkers with materials i have available to me. I came across these ball bearing in the top of a dumpster and the noggin started ticking. They are 3/4" dia. and way about an ounce and a half a piece. I took them back to the shop and started playing around. I don't have a camera here but this is what i came up with. I welded two together in a standing stack and then welded a small washer to the top. Then i started thinkg about a way to keep them from rolling. I took a third and made a triangle with the washer standing in the middle. I hope my artistic drawings get the point across.

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    Good idea since some states have and others will follow banning the use of lead for sinkers.