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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by tomcat85, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. tomcat85

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    this is your thread for it. anything youve ever made by yourself such as bait tanks bobbers bait boats anything. let me see the creativity and ideas!
  2. cat tamer

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    Today I made the mount that holds the transducer out of lucite to replace the one that got broke saturday.

  3. loki1982

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    Not something I came up with, but something I use alot. Stinger rigs. Probably the best thing ive ever used while drift fishing. It improved our hook ups by 50% easily. We started counting the fish we caught and seeing how many were caught on the stinger, and 75% of them were. These were fish we would have either completely missed or the main hook would have come out and lost the fish.

    Ahh here we go, anchored jugs. I had never seen one or heard of one before. My dad and I tried to make a wieghted trotline that didnt require trees to deploy. In the process we decided on verticle jugs with a cinder block bottom. Didnt take us but 1 trip to perfect them. I knwo there common, but we made them from scrath without ever seeing one, or knowing they existed.
  4. gadzooks

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    Kingwood, Tx (Houston)
    I fish our of a sit inside kayak and, while it has a big cockpit, a net gets in the way with its handle, even a short one, sticking out. I made a fish basket our of a mesh bag and pool noodles. I throw the smaller cats in there, saves time trying to string them and they seem to live longer. Anyway, caught a 7 pounder the other day, grabbed the fish basket and guide him in, worked as well or better than a landing net. Gonna modify it using a large replacement net. It'll work better than the basket with the open mesh.
  5. TA2D

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    I love to make stuff to try to make fishing a little easier, some of my projects and ideas

    -Minnow Traps, I make quite a few each year
    -Rod Holders, this is something new for me, I want to try PVC and rebar
    -Rod Racks for my house
    -Rod Racks for my Jeep and whatever SudDawg gets to drive
    -Fish Baskets
    -Bait Baskets for shad
    -Fish Cradle, for fish over 50lbs to reduce stress on them, kinda like what they use for dolphins and whales for transport
    -I make my own stinger hook setup with Kahle hooks
    -I want to learn how to tie a net cause I have some ideas in my head that would require large nets.

    Just wait til I have a boat, then you guys and gals will see what kind of strange person I really am.


  6. gadzooks

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    Kingwood, Tx (Houston)
    I forgot to add that I used a small piece of pvc for the connector for the fish basket/net. If I can get a piece of pvc to go in a circle, I'm going to run it all the way through a pool noodle for the next net I build.
  7. catsmith1

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    Haughton, Louisiana
    I would like to know what you came up with for the jeep. I have a cj7 and it is hard to tote rods in it.
  8. KansasKatter

    KansasKatter New Member

    Wichita Kansas
    I have a buddy with a jeep, and we made a rod holder that slides into his
    2" hitch reciever and finished it off with some rod holders he bought at Bass Pro. As long as you don't have extremely long rods it works pretty good. All his rods are 7' and he does not have any problems hitting them on anything. If we had it to do over again, we would have used one of the platforms that are already sold to haul extra payload on your hitch reciever and welded the piece with the rod holders on it, that way you could haul all your tackle back there, and cooler or whatever else as well.
  9. jailcop2

    jailcop2 New Member

    Check out my folding chair rod holder in Gen Catfishing
  10. old poot

    old poot New Member

    I use empty gator aid 20oz bottles filled with quick crete,they weigh about 2 lbs. Good for weights for jugs,for heavier weights use larger gator aid bottles
  11. teaysvalleyguy

    teaysvalleyguy New Member

    GC, OHIO
    I make a mean cured liver, they taste great. :big_smile:
  12. young catfisherman

    young catfisherman New Member

    i have made a homeaid stink bait

    2 cans of tuna
    garlic powder about 2 tea spoons
    much flower till thick
    let it site for a day in the fridge
    then let it site out side for 30 mins

    to use roll up into balls then ur set
  13. plainsman

    plainsman New Member Supporting Member

    in my younger days, i made some wooden plugs from clothes pins, and carving them, also took some old spoons and made some real fishin spoon lures. took old lures and repainted them. made barbed arrows for shootin carp, with homemade line holders
  14. jtrew

    jtrew New Member

    Little Rock, AR
    I been makin' stuff for about 55 years now, and my rememberer is wearin' out, so I'll probably forget to mention some stuff. Some I just made, and some I invented/developed and made.

    1. Lead sinkers & jigs..
    2. Sinker molds--improvised and made from scratch.
    3. Floating jigs made with thread & paint.
    4. Popping bugs carved out of balsa wood & painted.
    5. Non-leadhead jigs made with fine copper wire wrapped around the hook for weight.
    6. Fish billy made from old water hose, wire, and rebar.
    7. Rod protector for use on partyboats where the rod often hits the railing.
    8. Portable live well from cooler, bilge pump, pvc, and car battery. First one ever seen, in that area, at least. Let me take live pinfish out on a partyboat, and gave a huge advantage over using squid.
    9. Made bass lures from cedar on a lathe.
    10. Spinnerbaits using pre-made items.
    11. Beetle-spin lures from scratch, including bending the wire.
    12. In-line spinners from scratch.
    13. Poured my own plastic worms & curlytails.
    14. Developed a method of keeping a trotline tight at any depth while also providing a 'shock absorber', while also providing plenty of slack to run the lines.
    15. Made my own trotlines from scratch.
    16. First one to use a 2-wheeled dolly to move equipment/fish/bait between the fishing area and the parking lot at Dardanelle. I started using one to carry shad back to my truck; snaggers started using them to carry their equipment & fish.
    17. Lots of different types of jugs, equipped in various ways. My current jug is a 2-liter soda jug, painted yellow on the outside, with 3-4 ounces of gravel or other weight inside each jug, and a 3/4" slice of foam noodle glued to the cap of each jug. The weights inside the jug make it self-flagging. The foam provides a place to stick my hooks for storage. I use a 16p-20p nail for weight because it's cheap and doesn't hang up as often as a regular weight. I learned this because I had part of a spool of heavy telephone wire, and I decided to make use of it by bending a 12" piece in half for a weight. To my surprise, it didn't hang up nearly so bad, and when I ran out of wire, nails seemed a good substitute.
    18. Developed my method of making fish jerky. I wasn't the first by any means, but I had never heard of doing it. But I did know that Indians dried fish over a smoky fire up in the Northwest.
    19. Made various rodholders, usually from pvc.
    20. Made my own surf rod from a Calcutta cane pole. (Used to be commonplace in Florida.)
  15. BAM

    BAM New Member

    Gad, try some pex tubing, foam pipe insulation attached with some zip ties. works great on my pre bait tank shad net.