Homemade Electric Fish Scaler

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    I catch a lot of scale fish, and share them with some older people and needy persons that no longer can fish.......the worst part to me is scaling 40 to 50 bream and perch.
    So I came up with a variation of a hand fish scaler...(with an electric motor nonetheless)...................

    It is made from a plastic barrel (30 gallon I think), it has three stainless steel perforated plates riveted in it(the perforations were made with a nail set). These perforations scale the fish as it slides across the plates.

    The barrel has 30 1" holes holes sawed in it, to allow the scales and water to get out.
    the axle is a 3/4" stainless steel pipe, with a garden hose fitting on one end and a pipe cap on the other. This pipe has three high pressure nozzles tapped into it that spray straight down. The axle runs through the center of the ends of the barrel and is allowed to rotate by way of two 3/4" end flanges.

    The end flanges are collered onto the pipe.

    It has a 3/4hp gear drive motor, and a chain drive.

    It will scale, clean (as a whistle), 50 copperhead bream in 17 minutes.