Homemade Blood Bait ????

Discussion in 'Homemade baits' started by iraqvet13f, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. iraqvet13f

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    NE Mississippi
    Anyone ever make / use homemade blood bait?

    Heard of people using chicken / beef / pork deer blood mixed with jello, or something to that effect.

    Anyone willing to share recipe or stratagy?
    thaks for looking

    PS: also posted same question on the catfish bait page.

    Thanks again. And good fishing
  2. MR, whiskers

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    matt, try going to a slauter house and get beef blood . Put it in a 2 gallon bucket and freeze it. Now you want to get a 5 gallon buckt with a lid and drill holes in it about 1 inch . Only put 10 or 12 hoes in it. Take the 2gallon bucket of blood and put it inside the five gallon bucket and put the lid on it. All we do is hang it over the side as we drift, it works for us . The only draw back is it is messy when you go to move.​

  3. jtrew

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    If you're wanting a neat, easy way to chum using a liquid such as blood or fish oil, get someone who works at a hospital to grab you some discarded saline solution bags. The bags haven't touched anything to become dangerously contaminated, and since they only contained saline solution, you don't have to worry about dangerous chemicals. You can either let it drip onto the surface of the water, or attach a long piece of plastic tubing and weight the end so that the chum comes out at the desired depth in the water.
  4. montgomery#1

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    ogden utah
    if you want dough add flour till really thick and throw it on a cheese hook.
    if youu want liquid slaughter somethin ( cut the artery in the neck after animal is dead and put in container and start chummin.