Homemade bait buckets

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    I know alot of people use flow-trolls, plano bait buckets to keep your bait in good shape. Here is what I use to keep bait, and it holds alot more than a flow-troll ever could. Simply go to your local Home Depot or Lowes and purchase 2 five-gallon buckets and one lid. Take the wire handles off the buckets. Save the plastic handle that you hold, off of one bucket. Take one bucket and drill numerous random holes all around the sides and in the bottom even. About the diameter as a flow-trolls, I like smaller ones though. Better for keeping minnows in so they can't get out. Drill as many as you want. the more the better for aeration purposes. Drill holes in the lid as well.

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    The solid bucket without holes is obviously the one for transporting water. The one with the holes goes in that one, and is the one you keep bait in. With the lid on, place the buckets inside each other. Get some small diameter rope, small enough to make a handle for each bucket, but small enough to run both rope handles through the small plastic handle for carrying you saved. You may have to make the holes that your wire handles went to slightly larger to tie the ends of the rope off of.

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    By placing the buckets inside each other before cutting the length for your handles helps with deciding the length needed for each bucket to keep them together for carrying. The solid bucket will need a slightly longer rope handle than the bait bucket. I used small nylon rope, and burnt the ends so you could feed the rope through the plastic handle easier. you can also add some extra rope besides the carrying handles so you can throw the bait bucket out into the water or over the side of your boat. I know this sounds complicated, but is real simple. ...goodfishing, and goodluck..rollo

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