Homemade Bait Bucket With Spring Top Lid

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    Homemade Bait Bucket With Spring Top Lid

    I got tired of having to constantly change my water in my 5 gallon bait bucket. So I decided to make something to ease my frustration as well as keep my bait lively as possible. I wanted something that I could use from shore as well as from the boat. I'll do my best to explain everything.

    List Of Materials:

    Two 5 gallon buckets
    One bucket lid
    One rectangular piece of plastic or thin plywood (for the spring top lid)
    Two small hinges
    Two small U-bolts
    One small length of 3/16" or 1/4" in. diameter steel rod
    Two C-clips, One rat trap
    Length of rope.

    (Little hint on the buckets) Try to find 2 buckets that are different. So that they don't stick together. The one's I have are tapered differently and slide apart easily.

    On With The Build:

    Start off by drilling lots of holes in the bottom and along the sides of the bucket that will sit inside the other one. I used a 1/2" in. spade bit. Holes can be bigger or smaller depending on choice of bait. Holes can be drilled randomly or uniformed. Preference is your's.. I marked my holes and off set each row. (Slow your speed just before the bit punches through and you'll end up with cleaner holes.) Any excess plastic can be shaved off with the tip of a knife.


    Next cut a 6"x5" or 6"x6" in. hole in the center of your lid. Leaving yourself room for the hardware to mount. Next measure and cut the piece of plastic or plywood 1/2" in. larger than the hole in your lid. You may have to trim a little more off the side where the hardware is to allow a gap for the hinges.


    Lay the bucket lid upside down and lay the flap you just cut over the hole in your lid. Position your hinges and flap and mark your mounting holes. Drill your mounting holes as well as holes across the flap to allow water passage so the lid is not forced open under water pressure. (Can also add an eye bolt and strap to secure lid.)

    Next Cut the steel rod 8 1/2" in. Remove the 2 springs from the rat trap. Cut a 1/2" in. piece of wood off the end of the rat trap. Place the springs on the rod and position the u-bolt mounts and rod on the lid, mark and drill holes. Mount everything together. Lift the springs up and mount the block of wood under the springs. Drill 2 holes and secure wood with screws from the top side of the flap. On both ends of the spring place 2 small screws in the block of wood allowing them to stick up some. (This will prevent the springs from traveling across the rod.)


    Snap your lid on your bucket. Insert that bucket inside the other one. Attach handles with the 2 C-clips. Attach a length of rope so you can place the bucket over the side of the boat,or off the bank directly in the water. For transporting bait you can cut a small slot for the clip on a portable aerator and drill a hole in the lid for the airline.


    Enjoy and feel free to modify this build to suit your fishing needs...